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AEHT HEG - Higher Education Group
History, Objectives


Klaus Enengl is responsible for HIGHER AND CONTINUED EDUCATION within AEHT – within the Presidium of AEHT and in addition to his position as AEHT president;

Council of Elders CoE / Conseil des sages Cds:
founded  March 2008 in Kuresaare settling matters for which active headmasters don’t find enough time for (help with finding financial resources, taking care of higher education, preparing 25th anniversary celebration of AEHT 2013…);

HEG Higher Education Group:
founded March 2009 in Dubrovnik;
tasks: take care of AEHT member schools that train students on level 5 up (either in whole school or in a department);

Activities so far:

  1. founding session Dubrovnik March 2009 – suggested by AEHT presidium and Jürgen Clausen, a founding member of AEHT,
  2. further meeting Dubrovnik November 2009: discussion of concrete plans in HEG work;
  3. first longer working seminar at Chur / CH April / May 2010 with directors, deans and senior teachers: defining the objectives and working principles of HEG, 18 participants;
  4. Oct. 2010: first Hospitality Management Competition in Lisbon during 23rd Annual Conference of AEHT – 2 comp.: one on level 4, one on level 5; total: 12 teams of 2 students each;
  5. Meeting of a small working group in Copenhagen Jan 14th / 15th 2011: a) specifying further details about hospitality management competition in The Hague November 2011 and b) clarifying details about the first HEG seminar for teachers of hospitality management and teachers of touristic English taking place in Athlone / Ireland April 6th – 9th  2011;
  6. In the framework of the AEHT spring meeting in The Hague, March 2011, with all member of the Council of Elders: discussion, preparing the management competitions for November
  7. Seminar for teachers of hospitality management and teachers of touristic English, Athlone / Ireland April 6th – 9th  2011; focus on KPI (key performance indicators) in hotel and restaurant sector; situation of hospitality sector in Ireland; extensive pedagogical work / discussions;
    16 participants+ from 10 countries;
    See separate minutes for each of these meetings!
  8. Nov. 2011: second Hospitality Management Competition in The Hague during 24th  Annual Conference of AEHT –on level 5, total: 6  teams of 3 students each; task: repositioning of a beach hotel
  9. March 2012: report on HEG activities before AEHT Presidium / Advisory Council at Ohrid / MK and preparation for management competition in October 2012 in Macedonia.
  10. 3rd HEG seminar at Saarbrücken / Germany: April 19th – 22nd 2012; focus on management game, trans-border tourism marketing and a practical touristic – gastronomical rally; 12 participants from 7 countries
  11. October 8th to 13th 2012: third management competition on level 5 and up (EQF) in Ohrid / Macedonia: task: refurbishing and newly positioning of a (hotel) restaurant.

Members of the HEG:
varying – according to seminar / competition etc.;
steady members, however: Eda Veeroja / Voru Estonia – prepares the competition tasks, Jürgen Clausen / Dortmund Germany, John Callisen / Copenhagen Denmark, John Carey / Athlone Ireland, Werner Plocher / Saarbrücken, Adolf Steindl: coordinator / Linz Austria.

Further frequent participants in HEG activities from Bled / SLO, Riga / LV, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland and others

Please support the work of AEHT’s HEG: 
take part in/ offer seminars, send students to management competitions, read papers on your successes in teaching tourism and hospitality management, upload interesting articles in this field on AEHT’s website [ education] via AEHT webmaster Ahti in Estonia; 


docHospitality Management Competition

docManagement Games as a Methodological Approach

pdfRobert Hyde: Virtual Classroom

docGerman Educational System

pdfKonzept Casino Restaurant Zug

pdfCreation of a trans-national marketing concept for tourism in the Greater Region

docParticipants HEG Sem

docFinal session: preview 2013 Podebrady / Prague

docTourism Management Definitions

docReport Steindl for AEHT bulletin

pdfPress release ALWIS on their / our Management Game

18 selected photos

docReflections / discussion

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