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Review of Expectations from 1st HEG sem.:

Bled /SLO:
To determine features for new and trendy additional competitions at the Annual Conferences

  • To get a standardization of each discipline’s rules and propositions
  • To compare and exchange of curricula in the participating AEHT-member-schools

Szeged / HU:
Familiarising with the EQF Level 5-6 hospitality programmes of other European countries.

  • Exchanging good practices, methods, materials.
  • Networking with expert colleagues from other countries, establishing new professional co-operations in the framework of AEHT HEG.
  • In the long run establishing a European professional framework/forum for EQF Level 5-6 students where they could co-operate with each other on international projects.

Voru / EE:
Compare our curricula and methods with the others,
compare the basic study literature with the others,
find out cooperation opportunities with the other schools,
share experience with colleagues,
take part of the preparations for the hospitality management competition…

Podebrady / CZ:
to learn about the most effective method in professionally orientated education,
longer lasting closer cooperation between teachers / schools on level 5/6.

Saarbrücken / D:
exchange of themes / methods, text books,
management games
annually one HEG-seminar
Next one on hospitality management again.

Brainstorming on ideas for further AEHT-HEG-workshops

Ideas for further AEHT-HEG-workshops:

Main question: Should we alternate the general topic:
one year tourism management
following year hospitality management?
(as principally agreed upon with the first HEG seminar)

Quoi faire avec le francais – What to do with French ?

Tourism management would mean topics about:
Travel business: agencies, tour operators,
Tourism organizations: local, regional, nation-wide;
Destination-Management, DMCs: legal basis, marketing requirements,
Consumers’ demands: trends, international,
Airlines: trends, low cost, regular…
Consumer protection in tourism

Hospitality management – more important for jobs of our graduates;
possible topics:
marketing in hospitality industry: IT platforms,
selling via social media,
significance of blogs, evaluation / advising for a
personnel management,
ecology in hospitality industry…

Should focus lie on

  • working on common parts of curricula:

e.g. on topics listed above“standardizing”

  • On teachers’ continued / onward training –

pedagogical approaches: methods, material

  • Exchange of good practices:
    -Themes / topics for theses, final exams,
    -presentations of students’ working results
    -text books,
    -management games, case studies, projects etc.?
    - administrative / pedagogical hints / check-lists…

Next HEG-seminar (= 2012):

Results of the discussions regarding the next HEG workshop:

  • The majority of participants is in favour of a combined seminar for hospitality and tourism management;
  • The seminar should focus on level 5 and up schools / departments, but should also be open for teachers of those subjects at other levels.
  • Approx. date: mid April 2012 (one week after Easter)


  • in (or next to) an AEHT member-school (no rent for seminar room, beamer…, coffee breaks and lunches less expensive…, copy service)
  • Easy / at low cost to be reached.
  • Offers for venues received so far : Podebrady, Göteborg, Szeged; requested Saarbrücken.


  • reasonably priced (200.- € for three nights incl. meals)

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