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  • Objectives of AEHT’s Higher Education Group (HEG), measures:

AEHT-Pres. Klaus Enengl has taken over responsibility for HIGHER AND CONTINUED EDUCATION within the AEHT presidium at the beginning of 2011;

  • Council of Elders CoE / Conseil des sages Cds: founded March 2008 in Kuresaare dealing with

matters for which active headmasters don’t find enough time,
e.g. help with finding financial resources,
taking care of higher education,
preparing 25th anniversary celebration of AEHT 2013…

  • HEG Higher Education Group: founded March 2009 in Dubrovnik;

tasks: take care of AEHT member schools that train students on level 5 up (either in whole school or in a department);
activities so far:

  1. founding session Dubrovnik March 2009 with reps. Present at AEHT spring meeting;
  2. further meeting Dubrovnik November 2009 during AEHT Annual Conference;
  3. first longer working seminar at Chur / CH April / May 2010 with directors, deans and senior teachers: defining the objectives and working principles of HEG,
  4. Oct. 2010: first Hospitality Management Competition in Lisbon during 23rd Annual Conference of AEHT – 2 comp.: one on level 4, one on level 5; total: 12 teams of 2 students each;
  5. Meeting of a small working group in Copenhagen Jan 14th / 15th 2011: dean John Callisen and Christian Beck / Copenhagen, Eda Veeroja / Voru / EE, John Carey / Athlone, Adolf Steindl /AEHT CoE
    a) specifying further details about hospitality management competition in The Hague November 2011 and
    b) clarifying details about the first HEG seminar for teachers of hospitality management and teachers of touristic English;
  6. First HEG seminar for teachers of hospitality management and teachers of touristic English taking place in Athlone / Ireland April 6th – 9th 2011;
  • Concept of this HEG workshop
    for teachers of hospitality management and teachers of touristic English:

The seminar is designed as a contribution by AEHT to

  • further improve the quality training in member schools in the field of hospitality management on a higher educational level (EQF 5 and up);

The interactive concept envisages among others:

  • to specify and compare the contents of the training: business plan, key figures, case study…;
  • to exchange experiences and share good practice with successful teaching methods in this context,
  • to train students in appropriate terminology in English for the international hotel and catering business.

A special space / button on the AEHT website could serve – in the long run – as a platform where
- pertinent documents are collected,
- facts on current trends in demand are discussed and
- concrete teaching material can be uploaded for the use of colleague teachers of hospitality management.

Target groups:
- teachers of hospitality management,
- additionally also colleagues teaching management and economics (with focus on hospitality) as well as touristic English – in schools / departments / colleges on level 5 and higher (EQF).

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