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A hard day was in store for the participants in Christmas in Europe on this Sunday December 3rd 2017. And indeed they first of all had to take possession of their stands, set them up and decorate them beneath the large marquee which had been erected in a park close to the shrine.

The inauguration took place as per the programme, following the inaugural parade, in the presence of several VIPs and with the participation of the Sociedade Filarmónica Ouriense-Banda e DanSing. The officials had to fight their way through a milling crowd to walk the few metres between the marquee entrance and their reserved seats, which they occupied only after visiting each stand and sampling the specialities on offer – a real gastronomic tour of the flavours of Europe with the tastes of Christmas.
The official part of the proceedings opened with a beautiful Christmas concert played for the appreciative audience by the Sociedade Filarmónica, conducted by Joaquim Neves.

IMG 1157 IMG 1163

The concert was followed by various speeches:

IMG 1186Pedro Major, Finance Director of the EHF IMG 1188Ana Paula Pais, AEHT Vice-President IMG 1191Luis Miguel Albuquerque, President of the municipality of Ourem

The speakers evoked the demise of Francisco Vieira who had passed away on October 1st 2017, and who was the heart and soul of Christmas in Europe in Fátima, an event which he so much wanted to host. They expressed their pleasure that all these delegations had come from all over Europe, and wished them an excellent stay, not only in Portugal but especially in Fátima, a major centre of the cult of the Virgin. Ana Paula Pais for her part made a point of greeting Christiane Keller – Christmas Chris – the founder of Christmas in Europe.

We should however mention, and it is a great shame, that the loud background noise made it very difficult to hear the speeches. This was because a part of the marquee had been reserved for cookery demonstrations which apparently held more interest for the visitors who were eager to discover new ways of cooking.

IMG 1168 IMG 1181 IMG 1193

Les delegations at their stands

IMG 1107Bulgaria – Sliven IMG 1109Sweden – Lund IMG 1111Austria – Bad Ischl  IMG 1112Luxembourg – Diekirch  IMG 1116Italy – Ferrara  IMG 1120Italy – San Benedetto del Tronto  IMG 1122Latvia – Riga IMG 1123Sweden – Orebro IMG 1125Armenia – Yerevan  IMG 1128Italy – Cingoli  IMG 1129Estonia – Tallinn IMG 1132Ukraine – Lviv IMG 1134Slovenia – Maribor  IMG 1137Estonia – Kuressaare  IMG 1140Portugal – Fátima  IMG 1141Croatia – Bjelovar  IMG 1143Romania – Bucharest  IMG 1147Portugal – Ponta Delgada  IMG 1150Portugal – Colares IMG 1152Croatia – Pula

The craft stands 

IMG 1117Ana, artistic crochet work  IMG 1166Culinary demonstration – Christmas Chris with Yannick Genard  IMG 1167Pancake stand IMG 1171There was even a stand for the Virgin Mary. That was a must in Fátima.

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