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  • Membership is open to those who reside in, or have a head office in, one of the member countries of the Council of Europe.
  • Candidates should complete the AEHT Membership Application form, (that can be obtained from the Head Office or from a member of the Managing Committee or Executive Board or be downlaoded below).
  • The completed form should be sent to the Secretary General at the AEHT Head Office.
  • The Secretary General will send the application to the Executive Board's member representing the candidate's country for his or her opinion.
  • The application, together with the representative's opinion, is submitted to the Executive Board and to the General Assembly, and is accepted or rejected by them.
  • If the application is accepted, the Secretary informs the applicant of the decision, sends him or her copies of the statutes, the House Rules, the membership list, any available documentation, and information about the activities currently being proposed.
  • If the application is not accepted, the unsuccessful candidate is informed of the decision by the Secretary General.
Entrance Fee and annual subscription
The Treasurer sends to each new member an invoice which includes:
  • The sum payable as an entrance fee - 165 Euros for « active and observer members », – 220 Euros for « professional members ». Individual and honorary members are not required to pay an entrance fee (these amounts were decided upon at the General Assembly in November 2019 in Split). The entrance fee is payable in the first year only.
  • The sum payable as annual subscription - 315 Euros for « active and observer members » and – 400 Euros for « professional members ». The annual subscription for individual members has been fixed at 40 Euros, honorary members being free of charge (these amounts were decided upon at the General Assembly in Split in November 2019).
  • Any applicant accepted after the General Assembly will receive an invoice dated the following year. However, if the new member participates in any activities organized by or with the AEHT between date of the General Assembly and December 31st, he or she will have to pay the invoice before participating. In this case the new member will pay no subscription the following year.
  • upon receiving payment of the entrance fee and annual subscription, the AEHT Head Office will send to the new member the Plexiglas plate, a big and small flag and the stickers etc… bearing the AEHT logo and stating that the school is 'Member of the Association of European Hotel and Tourism Schools' in English and French.
Means of payment
    • by bank transfer into the AEHT account:

      Banque Internationale a Luxembourg, 69 route d’Esch, L-2953 Luxembourg
      IBAN: LU620024150833388300


  • or exceptionally, if not possible by bank transfer, by cheque made out in Euros payable to AEHT; the cheque must be payable and able to be cleared in the country where the Head Office is.
For all transfers from abroad, the payer will arrange to pay all bank charges and commissions. It is his or her responsibility to give clear instructions about this to his or her bank.

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