The AEHT is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) enjoying consultative status with the Council of Europe.

The prime objective of the association is to promote a European outlook among Hotel and Tourism Schools

  • by providing a means of communication between European Hotel and Tourism Schools
  • by making more widely known the information about hospitality education in other countries
  • by encouraging exchanges of students and teachers
  • by creating closer links between schools and businesses
  • by pooling teaching methods and materials, knowledge and skills

One of the distinctive features of the AEHT is that it includes in its activities all parties in the educational system, not only heads of schools, but also teachers and students. A large range of events is organised to meet the needs of all of these groups.

The AEHT is run by an Executive Board (‘Comité Directeur’ in French) made up of one representative from each of the member countries ; the membership elects a President and the Vice-Presidents. The General Secretary and the Treasurer are appointed to their posts. The President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer make up the Managing Committee (‘Bureau’ in French). The Association’s Statutes and the House Rules define the roles of the members of the Managing Committee and of the Executive Board. The minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board are available to all the Association’s members.

The Association was created in 1988 at the initiative of Jean-Paul Bernard and Martin Bruder, Head and Deputy Head respectively of the Strasbourg-Illkirch Hotel and Tourism School, France.

At the time of its foundation in 1988 the AEHT consisted of 24 schools from 16 European countries. Over the years it has grown considerably, and now has a membership of around 400, with an AEHT national representative in 40 European countries.

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