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Dear members / Dear friends,

We really like to share with you some positive news from the AEHT in these difficult and challenging times. While governments of European countries are still working hard to contain the spread of Covid-19, AEHT member schools and universities acclimate to new online teaching methods. Our schools show fabulous creativity in finding alternatives for internships and practical training which provide an enormous positive vibe. Displaying the same favourable attitude, the AEHT is also moving forward full speed. In a close perspective of containment of the pandemic, ‘live’ AEHT events are planned, new marketing tools for the association are developed and the portfolio of AEHT activities are expanded. 

With great pleasure we present you the ‘AEHT News Scoops’. We like to show you that the AEHT is very active and a great added value for its members all over Europe. Working together in an international setting is crucial for educators in hospitality and tourism. The AEHT makes this happen!

Kind regards

Remco Koerts, AEHT President

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