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Dear AEHT member schools,

For its 30th Anniversary the AEHT issued together with the Cognac Academy a special edition of the amazing Cognac Encyclopedia (A3 format, 800 pages, weight: 6,5 kg), that presents some 300 Cognac Houses and Brands and should not be missing in your school library. Moreover, in this special edition some 30 pages are dedicated to our association, including a list and map of our member schools, articles on the whole range of our activities and a series of accounts from former winners of AEHT Annual Conference competitions that have made an amazing professional career afterwards and could be of some example for your students. Below you will this extract regarding our association:


If you wish to order this first Cognac encyclopedia ever in Europe for your school’s library, as a gift for some special guests or on special occasions for some staff members or even for you privately, please contact Renátka Mýtniková This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or order the book via the internet page: . All AEHT member schools will get a special price of 250 EUR and free membership in the International Cognac Association.

We would be most grateful, if you could support this initiative. 

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