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The 17 participants of the first AEHT Seminar on Higher Education held from April 29th to May 2nd in Chur (CH).

At the instigation of Adolf Steindl and Jürgen Clausen, both of them members of the Council of Elders, an AEHT seminar was held from April 29th to May 2nd 2010 at the Chur Tourism and Hospitality School, Switzerland.

This is the first time that the AEHT has organised a workshop aimed mainly at schools offering higher education programmes. Thus the seminar was particularly attractive to school directors and to heads of department, so that 17 participants from 12 countries attended the Chur meeting.

The programme drawn up by Adolf Steindl and Jürgen Clausen mainly covered the following points:

1.  Exchange of information on the educational objectives, the curricula and the qualifications awarded, taking into account the requirements of the European context.

2.  Drawing up guidelines for a new competition to be introduced at the 2010 Annual Conference in Lisbon, aimed at students from schools offering higher education programmes who are registered on Hospitality Management courses. 

3.  Future activities of the Higher Education Group.

Under the chairmanship of Adolf Steindl the discussions were highly fruitful. All the participants showed great commitment towards the new Higher Education Group. The new competition was welcomed by everyone, and will be submitted to the Presidium, together with a set of rules, for their consideration and approval. It is anticipated that the new Hospitality Management contest will be up and running in Lisbon. The competition regulations will be sent out to member schools in due course. 

The success of the seminar is also evidenced by the fact that the participants have agreed to meet once a year in future, in order to discuss other projects related to the work of the Higher Education Group.

Marc Gartmann, the director of the host school, the Chur Tourism and Hospitality School, ensured that every aspect of the seminar ran smoothly. The participants thanked him most warmly for agreeing to organise an AEHT event in Switzerland – the first time this has happened. The seminar had also enabled the participants to gain a deeper knowledge of the Swiss education system, which has recently undergone a partial restructure.  

In addition, the participants were highly impressed by the quality of Swiss hospitality, especially when they took part in the ‘Food Festival’ organised by the school at the same time as the seminar, and attracting around 2000 visitors.

The Chur seminar can be seen as the successful launch of the Higher Education Group’s work within the AEHT. The AEHT now has fresh activities on offer, thus making the Association even more attractive. 


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