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Dear AEHT member schools,

We have pleasure in presenting you the video on the amazing 15th G&T Cup student bartending competition held from April 21st to 22nd, 2021 and organised by students of Vocational College for Hospitality, Wellness and Tourism Bled for students of the AEHT. Thus, 27 students from 19 AEHT member schools in 11 countries could compete in different practical skills required for mixing drinks. 

This year’s theme was “online mixing” as the ongoing pandemic situation had made it impossible to organize the competition at the school in Bled, and thus, this year the competition had to be held online, with the competitors' bartending skills being put to the test like never before. We are herwith pleased to present their innovative presenting, creative mixing and cheerful smiles. This was a unique ompetition for us all, and we are proud that we could all together compose a beautiful story, a lot of nice memories and a competition to remember. Please find attached a video illustrating these words. Enjoy the video:


We are looking forward to seing you all in Bled again next year.

Best regards on behalf of the G&T Cup student project team.

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