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Christmas in Europe is the beneficiary of a subsidy from the Youth in Action section of the Erasmus programme, and for this reason it was obviously fitting that the symbolism should be respected. As here, during the inauguration ceremony of Christmas in Europe in Riga. Despite the cold!

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As you might expect for an event such as this, the complete programme was posted up at the school entrance, even though each participant had a copy in the folder they had been given. And just next to it pride of place was given to a superb and very contemporary Christmas tree!

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The one-man band!

You couldn’t miss him. You could pick him out because of his great height and his stentorian voice often amplified by a megaphone, and above all because of his gift of being everywhere at once. Anyone would think he could split himself in two. Who was he? He was Arturs Homins of course, one of the stalwarts of the Christmas in Europe organising team.

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Informal Meeting

Director Silva Ozolina had been keen to invite the AEHT Presidium members present in Riga to join her in the meeting room for coffee and croissants. Those present from the AEHT included in particular Christiane Keller, founder of Christmas in Europe, Vice-Presidents Nuria Montmany and Neeme Rand and Nadine Schintgen, together with Silva Ozolina’s right hand woman Ilse Locmane. The purpose of the meeting was to get to know each other better and to exchange views in an informal setting.

IMG 2249

The Three Kings

Christmas without the three kings wouldn’t be Christmas at all, don’t you agree? That is why the parade included these three kings, suitably made up to represent the three characters from the Bible stories. In the cathedral they were side by side.

IMG 2269

A rather modern Christmas Tree!

Along the parade route the participants could admire an enormous Christmas Tree made from wooden beams – the construction had obviously been designed by carpenters. Quite a feat.

IMG 2285

Yellow polo shirts

During the two days devoted to the exhibition it was easy to identify the students from the Riga school. Their yellow polo shirts and the lettering on the back left no room for doubt!

IMG 2372

Best wishes on an apple

At the European buffet on December 4th the organisers had a bright idea to wish a Happy New Year to their fellow diners in a very simple way: take a nice apple, write ‘Happy New Year’ on it and there you are!

No need for a title! No need for a title!

A surprising bouquet

At the cultural show the Ukrainian delegation from Lviv, after its performance, presented Director Silva Ozolina with a bouquet, not of flowers but of straw – a guarantee of prosperity!

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