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Since the very earliest Christmas in Europe events there is undoubtedly one part which gives rise to a very large number of variants. These are mostly due to the temperaments, the multifarious talents, and the amount (or lack) of preparation of the performance that each delegation is supposed to put on. We refer of course to the Cultural Component. This year the Fátima Hotel School’s auditorium was the venue for this show, which took place in an excellent atmosphere and which was, in a manner of speaking, the prelude to the Gala Evening.

IMG 1345The audience impatiently awaits the start of the show

The show lasted two hours and during this time one after another the delegations presented either a song, a sketch or a dance, sometimes with the unscheduled and above all very welcome contributions of the highly participatory audience. The entire event went off with good humour, and was accompanied by applause and encouraging whistles.

IMG 1350Austria - Bad Ischl  IMG 1354Bulgaria – Sliven IMG 1356Croatia – Pula IMG 1357Croatia – Bjelovar IMG 1366Croatia – Bjelovar IMG 1371Estonia – Kuressaare  IMG 1372Estonia – Tallinn IMG 1381Italy – San Benedetto del Tronto IMG 1382Italy – Ferrara IMG 1388Italy – Cingoli  IMG 1394Latvia – Riga IMG 1398Luxembourg – Diekirch IMG 1400Portugal – Ponta Delgada IMG 1402Portugal – Colares IMG 1406Portugal – Fátima  IMG 1412Portugal – Fátima  IMG 1414Portugal – Fátima  IMG 1419Sweden – Lund and Orebro IMG 1421Ukraine – Lviv

IMG 1422All the actors and actresses in the cultural afternoon were delighted to have taken part in it!

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