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Succession assured!
The Massignano Band which provided superb marching music as the participants paraded through the old town, has no need to worry. When you look at these young people you can see a real incubator of future musicians who are already almost operational.

IMG 6888

Family photo impossible!
Whilst the setting with the medieval tower was ideal for a family photo as is customary every year, no such luck in 2016. There was no way I could make people understand that they needed to squeeze up so that they’d fit into the picture. Hard luck.

IMG 6889

Happy birthday Marlène!
There was a pleasant little interlude at the ‘Jumper day event ‘ on Monday December 5th. It so happened that Marlène Damiao, teacher and leader of the Ponta Delgada team, was celebrating her birthday that day. And so everyone intoned the famous ‘happy birthday to you’, while the Portuguese participants took up the song in Portuguese. To loud applause from everyone.

IMG 6933

The gentleman and the pigeons
Using a telephoto lens, this picture was taken from one of the upper floors of the Garden hotel. A gentleman comes every day to give grain to a little flock of pigeons which are voracious and rather turbulent.

IMG 6942

Silvia’s band
Silvia Ulpiani was incredible. She was in charge of musical entertainment each evening, and had gathered around her a group of musicians and singers who gave of their all with generosity and a big smile. Well done to them all!

IMG 7018

Drink sensibly!
The fisherman’s elixir is a brew that is invigorating to say the least. Exactly what you need when the weather is cold. AEHT Vice-President Remco Koerts and Christiane Keller, founder of Christmas in Europe, didn’t need asking twice to taste it, and my goodness they seemed to like it!

IMG 7147

A background for exceptional photos
At the gala evening the organisers had the bright idea of installing a frame intended for anyone who wanted to look a little different. With accessories that were more or less amusing. The teachers from Luxembourg, as many others, were very happy to go along with it.

IMG 7326

Successful communications
Every day there was a printed menu (and what a menu!), a detailed list of the musical entertainment, and a detailed programme for the day printed every morning: no one could say they didn’t know about an item. And finally a debriefing requested from the participants in the form of a message to be hung on the tree …
One professional photographer, an amateur photographer, four pages of articles in the local newspapers and blue posters put up everywhere, as well as the AHT journalist; no-one could be unaware that the local school was so highly active at an international level.

An amazing Christmas tree
This tree had been crafted by hands that were creative to put it mildly, and was on public display throughout the two days that the exhibition lasted. To the delight of the visitors!

IMG 6852 

The in-house photographer
He was everywhere, photographing hand over fist, endeavouring to snap the smallest details. Who was he?
Giovanni Voltattorni, the husband of Sandra Libbi, who must have taken at least a thousand shots. Well done Giovanni, and many thanks for the beautiful video which was shown as an introduction to the gala evening.

IMG 7227 

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