As the high point to the rather busy day of Monday December 5th the organisers had the excellent idea of placing the evening meal under the auspices of a ‘Blue Fish Dinner’ with the famous ‘Christmas Jumper day event’ with proceeds donated to Save the Children. With this in mind, many guests had dressed up for the occasion, and had made a contribution to the suggested charity. The sale of lottery tickets followed by a prize draw had given some people a pleasant surprise.

We had to have of photo of the event!We had to have of photo of the event!


Just like wines, olive oils have their own characteristics which specialists and connoisseurs can discover and appreciate and enable others to taste. And so it was that on the same evening, before the aforementioned dinner, three such specialists took up the challenge of an organoleptic analysis of Piceno olive oils. This involved lengthy commentaries and sipping a particular olive oil from small numbered beakers for each tasting. It was up to the audience to guess the characteristics of each sample. It may have been a game, but nevertheless a serious one.

IMG 6924 IMG 6927


On the evening of December 7th there was a tasting of wine made with the ‘Pecorino’ grape led by Francesco Felix, a teacher of wine studies at the School, who was aided by his interpreter Sandra Lippi. He shared his vast knowledge of this production area, where only forty or so wine-makers are privileged to harvest the grapes. Like a real teacher Francesco Felix revealed to his audience all the subtleties of this wine which is produced mainly in the Marches but also to a lesser extent in the Abruzzi. Moreover, it is a grape variety which almost disappeared, but which is now becoming a must-have on the dinner tables of the discerning. And as is only fitting, this theoretical discourse was followed by a commented tasting.

Francesco Félix and Sandra LippiFrancesco Félix and Sandra Lippi

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