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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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Christiane KellerJust like Strasbourg, birth city of the AEHT, which organized Christmas of Europe in 1993, Diekirch, the city - seat of the association - made it a point and an enjoyment to receive the 24th edition in its walls…. a kind of handover of the baton.

From its success it is clear that the 24th event organized under the aegis of the AEHT - and which has for main purpose to favour the exchange between the students of the hotel and tourism business in Europe - continues to benefit from a legitimate aura, as 37 schools volunteered to participate in the 2015 edition. Only 22 applications could be accepted.

At the head of the host delegation, Jean Marc Dijou perfectly orchestrated the demonstration …It is true, that after almost twenty participations throughout Europe, no break-in period was necessary for the Luxembourgish teachers and pupils who knew all the aspects of the concept.
The delegations present appreciated a beautiful hospitality at its right value… and several members of the Council of Elders of the AEHT came to Diekirch for the occasion, namely Roy van Sassen, Jürgen Clausen and Louis Robert. Just like the members of the Presidium, Ana Paula Pais president, Remco Koerts and Herman Siebens vice-presidents, also had the pleasure of sharing the moment savouring the European buffet with the international students…

The exhibition was better stocked than usually and it was only details which made the difference between the neatest stalls. One could get an idea of the traditions of Christmas linked to local customs as the potato in Ireland, the hand-stitched decorations in Semmering, Christmas decorations in the shape of a cake in Diekirch (thank you Veronique!), the holy bread of Slovak Christmas… or the marrow pips caramelized like those prepared in the kitchens of the housewives of Maribor for Christmas.

A special “bravo” goes to the delegations for the inaugural parade. Many wore their traditional costume which had the most beautiful effect. And a special “bravo” goes to the delegations of Yerevan, Riga, Ischia… and to the general secretary of the AEHT who showed the example by creating her costume herself. At the tunes on a skilful accordionist, all the participants marched in sync through the streets of Diekirch!
Mission accomplished for these edition of Christmas in Europe, with the spirit of Christmas being respected and a beautiful moment shared in the middle of Europe…, because between Ponte Delgada 2000 km to the west and Yerevan 2500 km to the east, there is Diekirch.

Thank you.

Christiane Keller

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