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Welcome presents

On their arrival in Prešov each participant was presented with a large bag made of brown wrapping paper containing numerous tourist brochures including a CD and a rambler’s map, as well as a T-shirt bearing the emblem of the event.


To judge by the large numbers of visitor who came to explore the exhibition and the specialities on offer, it is clear that the publicity for the event, before during and after, was very well handled by Marek Sotak’s team.

Jozef Senko being interviewed by local journalistsJozef Senko being interviewed by local journalists At the press conferenceAt the press conference


The day-long excursion included a visit to the Stara Lubovna Castle which, as an added bonus, was covered with snow. This greatly amused the visitors, especially the Portuguese from the Azores where as we all know it never snows. It was a great hit, and some of them simply rolled around in the snow during the visit.

How delightful to roll around in the snow!How delightful to roll around in the snow!

Perfect technical support

Everyone has been faced with a performance ruined by the hazards of inadequate technical support, which often involves unbearable acoustic feedback. Well, during the cultural evening there was none of all this. The show went off without a hitch. Well done!

Lost key

One of the delegations which had come in a minivan was faced with a tricky problem: the ignition key for the vehicle had been lost and in spite of searching high and low there was no sign of it. The school's office had to be contacted, and a teacher was despatched with the spare set of keys.

Christmas market

Like any town worthy of the name, Prešov also had its Christmas market beside the main street. As well as the famous huts lined up as if on parade, offering lots of all kinds of wares as well as Glühwein and other hot drinks, the punters could also admire the entrance to the market, which was lit up from 16.30 onwards. Nearby, under a marquee, there was a succession of performances throughout the evening by choirs and groups of folk dancers as well as various shows.

The entrance to the Christmas marketThe entrance to the Christmas market Not-so-young choristers sang Christmas carolsNot-so-young choristers sang Christmas carols

Family photo

After the visit to the Orthodox Church it had been planned to take the traditional photo of all the participants. But the photo was not thought to be good enough, so even though the parade had moved off again, AEHT General Secretary Nadine Schintgen asked everyone to return to their places for a fresh series of snaps. Ah, but ...

Cognac Embassy

Generally speaking an Embassy may be recognised by the flag of the country which it represents; but for the Cognac Embassy, there was nothing at all. An ordinary block of flats in an ordinary street in Kosice. Not even a brass plaque to identify it. It is however true that those who really seek will always find. On the other hand the Prešov School proudly displayed the flags of the delegations which had come for Christmas in Europe.

The Cognac Embassy in KosiceThe Cognac Embassy in Kosice The Prešov SchoolThe Prešov School

Superb residential buildings

Prešov’s rich history goes back a long way. On its main street the town boasts a large number of buildings in historical styles. It is the third largest city in Slovakia and boasts a university with eight faculties.

One of the residential buildings on the main street. Its style bears the imprint of the Habsburgs.One of the residential buildings on the main street. Its style bears the imprint of the Habsburgs.

Impeccable service

Just before the busiest part of the service at the gala- and farewell-evening, the team of waiters and waitresses from the Prešov School were pictured in their full professional uniforms. A few hours later they richly deserved the standing ovation they received from the guests.

Before the busiest part of the dinner service. On the left, their teacher Juraj KrajnakBefore the busiest part of the dinner service. On the left, their teacher Juraj Krajnak

Restaurant of the Hotelová Akadémia Prešov

Throughout the Christmas in Europe programme lunch service was provided by the School’s kitchens and restaurant, and included plate service. And we must say that everything was perfect. It was an excellent training opportunity for the students, but also and especially reflected very well on the School’s excellent image. Well done, everyone.

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Slovakian wine list

At the European buffet the guests could even choose which wine they would like to accompany the dishes they were savouring. A wine list was provided for them. This was yet another detail that the organisers had thought to include.

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