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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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One of the three ‘pillars’ of Christmas in Europe, namely the European buffet, was once again an undeniable and well-deserved success on Wednesday December 10th. And in truth, despite the difficulty of transporting the ingredients, everything was ready at 17.00 for the starting signal for this gastronomic marathon.

In two shifts the delegations had been able to avail themselves of the kitchens of the Prešov School to prepare their specialities, which were beautifully presented in the centre of the sports hall that had been transformed into a restaurant for the purpose.

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Each delegation had made a point of presenting their region’s gastronomic specialities to the very best effect, and as an added extra they dressed up in the most striking costumes.

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Shortly after 17.00 the guests, including the politicians as well as the school’s partners and sponsors, the teachers, the school’s students and those who had come from right across Europe - they all came together around the buffet. Jozef Senko, flanked by Christiane Keller –Christmas Chris – AEHT General Secretary Nadine Schintgen, and teacher and interpreter Natalia Komanicka, welcomed everyone for this exceptional part of the programme. In his speech he emphasised the symbolism of Christmas, reminding everyone of the sense of sharing and friendship which it represents; and of course he greeted Akos Sasvari, former Director  of the Budapest School, who had come as a neighbour and old friend, as well as Hans Russegger, former AEHT Treasurer, who had come as a friend from Bad Ischl . Later on AEHT Vice-President Klaus Enengl, Director of the School in Bad Ischl from where he had just arrived, also joined the gathering.

For her part Nadine Schintgen launched into an explanation of the origin of the Christmas tree, mentioning the spirit of Christmas and the ‘Youth in Action’ project. Apparently her words were rather lost in the high noise level and amid the impatience of the many people eager to savour the specialities on offer. This was the moment for Christiane Keller to say how delighted she was to be in Prešov and to declare the buffet open, to the great joy of the audience who literally took the various stands by storm.

From left to right: Nadine Schintgen, Natalia Komanicka, Jozef Senko, Christiane KellerFrom left to right: Nadine Schintgen, Natalia Komanicka, Jozef Senko, Christiane Keller Crowding around the buffetCrowding around the buffet

For good measure Christiane was invited to sign a cork board presented by Marek Sotak giving a summary of the event. All had been said, now for the tasting!


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