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Every year this is always a most interesting sight, when the delegations arrive and set up their exhibition stands. Zagreb was no exception to this rule. According to the delegations’ means of travel, by air or by road, their luggage contained varying numbers of items for the exhibition. Obviously those who arrived by road had a lot more scope for bringing more accessories – and here in Zagreb this was once again the case.

On December 2nd, after a good night’s rest, everyone was hard at work decorating the stands which had been provided for them on the top floor of the Westin hotel. Each stand includes a table, two chairs and a small Christmas tree, as laid down in the event’s guidelines. The organisers had even provided for each delegation a cardboard box containing a little tool-kit to make their lives easier – scissors, Sellotape, a cutter, string, and felt pens in four different colours.

And so most of the participants busily spent the morning in joyful activity, with two unfortunate exceptions: the Diekirch delegation (Luxembourg) whose packages hadn’t arrived, despite having been entrusted in good time to a carrier; and the Marseilles delegation (France) whose luggage was stuck in Munich as the result of a delayed flight.

Senigallia gets down to workSenigallia gets down to workSo does OrebroSo does OrebroThe Hungarians even brought a mannequin!The Hungarians even brought a mannequin!And television cameras were never very far away!And television cameras were never very far away!

After two or three hours work the exhibition was more or less ready for the official opening of Christmas in Europe, scheduled for 17.00.

The poster and the AEHT flag tempt the public to visit the exhibition.The poster and the AEHT flag tempt the public to visit the exhibition.


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