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Taking the official photograph of the participants was not without its problems! For the outside photograph we had to block the road for a few minutes, while for the inside photograph we had to occupy the hotel’s monumental staircase. It all took place in a good-humoured atmosphere, with the participants in their national costumes stealing the limelight from the others!

The official opening of the exhibition was just a prelude to a very full afternoon and evening. Let my readers judge for themselves: a parade with the officials escorted by the Krampuses and all the participants, flags flying in the wind, costumes resplendent, - the parade made its way from the Panhans hotel to the foot of the ski-slopes. The Kreuzberg brass band led the way and marked time for the parade which was rich in colours as you would expect on a snow-covered route. And the VIPs travelled in a trailer drawn by a massive tractor! What a sight!

At the entrance to the ski-lifts, to the amazement of the skiers, torch-bearers with flag-bearers hard on their heels swept down the main ski-slope to greet the spectators. A little later came another surprise – a spectacular firework display just as night was drawing in over Semmering. Beneath the gas convector heaters in the marquee a jolly atmosphere developed as participants shared a meal of sausages and other typical Austrian dishes.

3rd to 5th December 2018 in Riga
3rd to 5th December 2017 in Fátima
5th to 7th December 2018 in San Benedetto
2nd to 5th December 2015 in Diekirch

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