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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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Bad luck but muddling through!
There was a big disappointment for the Luxembourg team when the time came to set up their stand: all the equipment sent a week in advance from Diekirch to Fundão, just to be on the safe side, had not arrived. In desperation the teacher Jean Marc Dijou went round the shops to find at least something to decorate his stand and give it some kind of Christmas appearance. And with the help of his two students he did manage to find what was needed, though he was still short of sweetmeats to hand out to the visitors. And for the buffet his student David Neierr didn't give up - he found the ingredients to make a large Christmas log for the Christmas buffet.

preparations are going well in the Luxembourg corner despite their problems!
preparations are going well in the Luxembourg corner despite their problems!

Dancers for the occasion

At the cultural evening Marius, a student from Tirana, said by way of an introduction: 'At school I learn to cook and serve food, but not to dance. But I've learned these few dance steps for you - so with my friend, I'll dance them for you.' And the two of them danced so well, simply but with a contagious pleasure. Well done!

A bright idea!
The highest point of the Serra Estrela is officially 2000 metres above sea level. Why is this? By a clever trick. In fact the highest point is 1993 metres and to obtain a round figure it was decided to build a tower seven metres high. As simple as that! But it should be pointed out that this is the highest point in continental Portugal since there is a higher mountain in the Azores!

Bacalhau, the Portuguese national dish
Baccalhau is to Portugal what steak and chips is to France. Thus the participants in Christmas in Europe were able to savour bacalhau several times prepared according to different recipes, what's more all as good as each other!

A real knife-and-scissors grinder at work!
A real knife-and-scissors grinder at work!
In the main street in Fundão we saw a knife-and-scissors grinder at work - something which it is now almost impossible to see elsewhere. Perched on a specially adapted bicycle this elderly gentleman was grinding away to sharpen the various scissors and knives which people brought him.
Fully informed …

During the excursion to Alpedrinha a television crew had followed the throng; a journalist, seizing the opportunity, interviewed several participants, wanting to know every detail. And the report was broadcast the following day on the national Portuguese television channel. This report showed the Portuguese public that the INFTUR training schools are heavily involved in European programmes!

Vico's superb pictures
Throughout Christmas in Europe Vico Melo, a cameraman taken on by INFTUR, filmed everything that was going on in the vicinity of his camera. And at the gala dinner he showed a montage extract of all these hours of film sequences. The result was much applauded by all those present.

Vico who started work when delegates arrived in Lisbon!
Vico who started work when delegates arrived in Lisbon!

Paulo's secret

The 'Christmas tree' this large green piece of canvas in the centre of the exhibition in the towns's functions hall, where the hotel school is also based - the tree concealed a secret. In fact Paulo Reves had thought that the interior of this Christmas tree would be the ideal setting for the European buffet. And despite the problems involved in setting it up, his idea became reality. But in the meantime he had sworn to secrecy the few people he had taken into his confidence.

a few minutes before the opening of the buffet the last finishing touches 'inside' the Christmas tree!
a few minutes before the opening of the buffet the last finishing touches 'inside' the Christmas tree!

Olive oil, sweetmeats and an apron!
On the subject of the little presents which maintain friendships, the Fundão team had presented to all the participants at the cultural evening a small bottle of specially pressed olive oil to illustrate their sketch which was precisely about olive oil. The Château-Chinon school also gave out a little bag of sweetmeats, and the Rzeszov school gave ginger bread. And for completeness, at the gala dinner each guest found on the table in front of them a magnificent apron bearing the crest of INFTUR. Many thanks!

Discrete and efficient!
As you can imagine, an important event such as Christmas in Europe requires the input of a lot of good will, so that everything goes to plan when the time comes. Some of the people whose good will we relied on played a key role. Among them is Ana Dias in Fundão, who was responsible for contacts with the delegations (organisation of the delegations’ arrivals, as well as the goods and orders for the European buffet). And Ana Paula Pais, the official Portuguese representative on the AEHT Executive Board, whose job was to liaise between the AEHT and INFTUR, keeping close contact with Paulo Revès.
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