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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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The third theme of Christmas in Europe is the 'European buffet' for which each delegation brings along one or more of the dishes served for the feast of Christmas in their particular country or region. Even if the guidelines are not always followed, the buffet nevertheless gives the guests an opportunity to go on a 'culinary tour of Europe' Sometimes the dishes are hot, sometimes cold - but always tasty!
The 'dining room' was set up inside the green tent symbolising a Christmas tree and the Fundão students had pulled out all the stops to make the place look exactly right. The dishes were set out all around the tent and for the food preparation the organisers had provided individual workstations for each country, identified by little flags!

Final preparations for the buffet
Final preparations for the buffet

Well presented in every respect
Well presented in every respect

At the official opening to which many guests had been invited AEHT president Alfonso Benvenuto made a point of thanking the students and teachers of the Coimbra and Fundão schools for this superb stay in Portugal. Louis Robert, AEHT vice-president and director of the Diekirch hotel school in Luxembourg added his own copious praise, thanking all those who had taken part in this 14th Christmas in Europe 'which would not exist without Christiane Keller. Many thanks to her, many thanks to the teachers and students from Portugal and those who have come from all over Europe. And I should be glad to see you again next year in Örebro', he concluded.
Finally Carlos São Martinho, Fundão's deputy mayor, congratulated the organisers for this splendid event and expressed the wish that other events of this type should take place in Fundão. 'I hope', he said 'that everyone likes it here in Fundão'.

It is time for speeches before the buffet is open
It is time for speeches before the buffet is open

Then the buffet was open with the traditional dash with the participants hunting around for a dish to savour. They were spoilt for choice with dishes from the north to the south of Europe, the delegations having gone to great lengths to produce their very best. The 'Groupo Coral e etnografico de Silvares' choir as well as the accordion player José Pedro took to the stage to present some musical interludes

The 'Groupo Coral e etnografico de Silvares' choir
The 'Groupo Coral e etnografico de Silvares' choir

And at the end of the meal a sound system provided the music for a spontaneous final farandole beneath the tent. However there was a lot of food left over, and unfortunately the students from the Fundão school were not longer there to take advantage of it.

The evening is rounded off with dancing!
The evening is rounded off with dancing!
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