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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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‘A marathon during Christmas in Europe …’

Another of the high points of Christmas in Europe is the occasion devoted to a cultural programme, which, just like the European buffet, should allow each delegation present to put on a show for their fellow students on the subject of Christmas.

In Senigallia, it was in the ‘Teatro Portone’ in the Piazzale della Vittoria that the show took place on Monday December 15th at 4.00 pm. Over a period of three hours the delegations came on stage one after the other to perform songs, sketches and dances. This was yet another fine illustration of European diversity, with of course performances of very unequal quality: some countries excelled in one register rather than another, other delegations improvised a sketch, and finally there were the delegations from the same country who swallowed their pride and walked off the stage, leaving a wretched teacher to make do as best he could …

the faēade of the beautiful Teatro Portone in Senigallia
The façade of the beautiful Teatro Portone in Senigallia.

the delegations take their seats while awaiting their turn!
The delegations take their seats while awaiting their turn!

And last but not least came the finale from the students of the IPSSARCT A. Panzini in the form of another rendition of the famous ‘Oh happy days’ which they had already sung in the cathedral and with which everyone now joined in, providing a moment of high emotion, especially when Alfonso Benvenuto thanked all those who had taken part in the programme, and when Christiane Keller thanked all those who had worked behind the scenes to make this version of Christmas in Europe such a success.

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