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13 – Were you pleased with the result?

Including the Estonian schools, Christmas in Europe comprised a meeting of 13 schools. But this amount of good humour was not enough for Neeme Rand. Coming to meet some of his guests at the ferry terminal in Tallinn, he parked his car for an instant in a forbidden zone. On his return, his car was already on its way to the pound. He was thus obliged to hail a taxi, to bring his guests with him to the car-pound before he was able to return to the activities of his afternoon and to make a little touristic tour of old Tallinn.

Akos Sasvary, director of the Budapest School is the champion in all categories of participation. Since the start of Christmas in Europe in Kayserberg, the Hungarians have attended ALL the editions, all 11 times, and this in spite of difficult conditions. This merits a Grand Bravo!

In the centre of Kuressaare a large billboard set up in front of the Town Hall announces Christmas in Europe. In front of this a marker indicates the distance to several important destinations. Kuressaare may not be the centre of Euroope, but the AEHT was the centre of Kuressaare.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the organisers served the guests a
At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the organisers served the guests a "Russian Champagne" labelled "cobetckoe". This was much appreciated by all the participants and invited guests. The same brand
was also served at the Mayor’s reception in the Town Hall.

Before the inaugural parade, the musicians had assembled in the Ametikool lobby to protect them from too much exposure to the cold. But, Neeme Rand had taken additional precautions. He produced a bottle of vodka, historically intended to warm the ‘instruments’. In any case, the parade proceeded very well to the tune of ‘Dixie’ and other gospel tunes played by the leaders of our group.

One of the sponsors, Rain RIIM, who attended the closing party made a great impact on Christiane Keller. Both are fans of the wines of Alsace. As a wine importer, Mr Riim is well acquainted with the Alsatian wines and to prove this he told of looking for a bottle from the Cooperative Caves of Pfaffenheim!

A guided visit to the "Spa-Hotel Meri" located a few meters from the sea and the castle allowed the visitors, the entire Christmas in Europe group to become acquainted with nature of the Spa business in Kuressaare. These include different treatments such as the whirlpool bath and salt chamber. But how surprised we all were to see, emerging from a cloud of bubbles, the head of our own Christiane Keller, enjoying an aromatherapy bath. It was a wonderful moment of pleasure for all.

It is not possible to calculate the total number of visitors to the exhibition. But it is certain that, if it could be determined, it would demolish the usual numbers for our event. There have been many, many visitors, old and young, and all very interested in the stands, the regional specialities and the decorations.

3rd to 5th December 2018 in Riga
3rd to 5th December 2017 in Fátima
5th to 7th December 2018 in San Benedetto
2nd to 5th December 2015 in Diekirch

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