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For the supplementary program, on Sunday, 8 December, the organisers have reserved a bus to transfer the participants to their capitol city, Tallinn. Here, before returning to our own countries, we will spend a day of discovery. Most of the participants have chosen this option, which is a decision they will not regret.

During the trip from Kuressaare to Tallinn the bus traverses the island of Muhu and crosses over to the mainland. Sheparded by Martha and Jana, the journey passes with out problem. During the ferry crossing, a little extra attention by the organisers has produced coffee and cookies in ‘The Bella Vista Bar’ of the ship, reserved especially for Christmas in Europe. The bar has a view over the bow of the ship breaking through the ice-covered sea. Count the icebergs just for fun…..

On our arrival in Tallinn we check into the Reval-Express Hotel, in the vicinity of the Tallinn port. We inspect our rooms and at 14.30 leave for a guided visit around the old town, an occasion to discover the charms of this medieval city with its imposing fortifications and divers styles of architecture from many successive occupiers.

In truth, the cold was fierce, the snow falling, the group difficult for the guide to control because of its polyglot nature, but the essential charm of the city was able more or less to capture all. One could not wish for more. Around 17.00, the appeal of the souvenir shops could not be denied and the group scattered in all directions. One of these was the Christmas Market in the Town Hall Square. We regathered for dinner in a medieval restaurant, ‘The Olde Hansa’. This is an establishment entirely turned towards the past, but with the delicious manners of today and a musical program said to be of the Middle Ages. All agreed that this was one of the most interesting of all in our journey program. But, before long, that too ended and the night was truly upon us, some of us made our way on foot, reluctantly back to the hotel other of a lighter heart to other pursuits… Christmas in Europe 2002 was over to live again in Senigallia 2003.

The long communal table in the Olde Hansa Restaurant
The long communal table in the Olde Hansa Restaurant.

The roofs of old Tallinn the night - magical
The roofs of old Tallinn the night - magical.

…and the day… also magical
…and the day… also magical.

The Orthodox Cathedral – a beautiful example of architecture
The Orthodox Cathedral – a beautiful example of architecture.
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