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With the Estonian Minister of Education

Christmas in Europe on Saaremaa next unfolded for us the experience of a traditional Estonian Christmas evening. This took place in Kuursaal Restaurant of Kuressaare, in the presence of several key sponsors and the Estonian Minister of Education, Ms Mailis Rand.

The old wooden Kuursaal in the Castle Park found the group admirably ready for this evening. For this evening, the Ametikool student cooks had prepared a series of dishes traditionally served on Christmas Eve in Estonia. Manny of the Estonian ladies and gentlemen present were dressed in national costumes. This has long been one of the ways in which Estonians affirm their resolve to protect their national culture and identity.

A traditional and lovely costume
A traditional and lovely costume.

Among the distinguished guests invited by Neeme Rand was Ms Mailis Rand, Estonian Minister of Education, Mr Toomas Sadeiko, President of the Schools Committee and Mr Helmer Jögi, responsible for the Political Department of National Education. In his welcoming remarks, Mr Rand commented that the celebration of Christmas was totally prohibited before independence and that Christmas – if celebrated – was done so quietly at home. He then wished everyone a wonderful evening.

The activities of the evening were entrusted to the "Muhu Secondary School Kappel Band" and also to "The Muhu Folklore Society" These are typical of the groups, which train to promote traditional music and dance as well as the games for parties.

The Muhu Secondary School Kappel Band
The Muhu Secondary School Kappel Band.

 11th European Christmas in Kuressaare (Estonia)
The Muhu Folklore Society.

But Ms Rand was not here only to show her face. In very simple words she confirmed the place of events such as these affirm the resolution to turn its face towards Europe and her Ministry’s determination to support this. She too, commented on the efforts made in the last 12 years to revive the traditions of Christmas. Louis Robert, offered his thanks on behalf of the AEHT to Ms Mailis Rand for her presence and support for the organisations of the AEHT in promoting the European spirit to the greatest extent possible.

Ms Mailis Rand, Estonian Minister of Education
Ms Mailis Rand, Estonian Minister of Education.

Because of the travel arrangements, which required them to leave the event early, the team from Diekirch provided an early taste of the Christmas traditions of Luxembourg.

The team from Diekirch behind the footlights
The team from Diekirch behind the footlights.
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