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Poland a country at the border with European Union, now aspiring to become its member has a past so interesting and rich that it can offer its visitors a great deal of attractions. It is true not only about Wielkopolska Province, this opinion is adequate in relation to the rest of Poland, too. The organisers of the tenth European Christmas in Poznan took this opportunity to show their guests the beauty and richness of Polish heritage.

Therefore two Tauber Tour couches were put at the disposal of the guests, who accompanied by professional tourist guides went to explore the region. First, they went to the nearby Kórnik Castle. Unfortunately just then television was making a documentary and the delegates were not able to see all parts of that beautiful architectural masterpiece.

Then the tourists were taken to the Palace in Rogalin constructed in a beautiful rococo classicist style and surrounded by lovely gardens with three hundreds' years old oaks.

After the picnic which took place inside the coaches they continued their sightseeing trip and went for a tour of Poznan. It started at Leisure Centre at Malta Lake, with a great artificial ski slope, very popular both in summer and winter among the skiers from Poznan and the nearby towns and villages. The tour finished in the city centre at the Old Market Square.

After a short, refreshing break at the hotel, the guests set off for the military training ground to see the bonfires and taste some excellent food. The idea itself was really attractive, yet due to the freezing cold temperature outside, the whole event had to be cut short. All delegates greeted the proposal with a great relief since none of them seemed to be accustomed with such harsh weather. Ten minutes later they were coming back to the hotel.

The following morning on Monday 10th December the delegates were due to see the gems of Poznan. They went to a thousand years old cathedral. Then they went to the Old Market Square and the Town Hall, surrounded by the beautiful grand houses and palaces, all reconstructed after the World War II, which left the city completely destroyed. Last, but not least the tourists were able to observe a unique performance of the two legendary fighting goats, at the top of the Town Hall tower.

Kórnik Castle
Kórnik Castle.

Two Marias, delegates from Funchal, warming themselves up with a delicious soup
Two Marias, delegates from Funchal, warming themselves
up with a delicious soup.

The cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul
The cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul.

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