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Tauber's elixir.

On the tables abundant in a variety of foods, there are crystal decanters filled with some strawberry-coloured beverage. What is it? Mr Roman Dawid Tauber explains, pouring the drink into small vodka glasses, that it is his own speciality made according to a secret recipe of his own. You need to drink and swallow it at one go. It's strong yet, according to Ms Keller very tasty.

Polish winter
Tourist leaflets do not say a word about it, but the winter in Poland due to its geographical position is very, very cold. Some of the delegates were really surprised, especially the ones coming from some warmer countries. For example one Greek man was shocked by the fact that the sun didn't shine every day, but some days are simply gloomy.

The President of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznan knows all the ways of improving his enterprise. He proved it on various occasions, especially by inviting the media. The representatives of television, radio and the press accepted his invitation and made reports or wrote articles.

Each delegation was give a souvenir at the final Gala Evening. Among the presents there was: a beautiful book on Polish gastronomy and a handmade, customised Christmas tree decoration. Upon the arrival to the hotel all participants received a welcome package consisting of a T-shirt with a Christmas tree symbolising the European Christmas in Poznan, which should be worn in summer, we presume.

The best confectioner in Poznan, Mr Kandulski, the regular guest at the Academy put for the exhibition a whole range of cakes and sweet sculptures, among which there was a lovely Christmas Tree with AEHT Logo.

First steps
During the first evening the students sat at round tables in a separate part of the restaurant, so called Winter Garden. At the end of the meal a miracle happened as the tables were brought together and all student sat at one big table. It was the first step towards striking new friendships.

The standard
Roman Dawid Tauber's school has its own standard, upon which the students take their oath at an annual ceremony inaugurating the new academic year. Yet especially for the European Christmas , a brand new standard integrating the colours of AEHT was made. Someone has even noticed that it would be a good idea to sew a unique AEHT standard which could be passed each December onto the next organiser of European Christmas.

Really satisfied.
Each time we asked the students about their opinions on the European Christmas in Poznan, their responses were full of admiration and appraisal. They were glad about coming to Poznan and perceived everything as great, glamorous and fantastic.

Apparently, the soldiers had problems with keeping the two bonfires working and even though they were trying to do their best it was still not enough to keep the guests warm. Fortunately, at least the grills were working properly and emitted a very nice warmth, which, and it was a pity, could be felt only in their vicinity.

AEHT logo
It was yet another idea created by Mr Tauber. He decide to embroider AEHT Logo on the left sleeve of the first year students' uniforms. In three years time all the students will have that logo integrated with their uniforms.

Peru, at least from geographical point of view, does not belong to Europe, therefore having spotted the stand assigned for Peru some of the participants were a bit confused. In reality the students from Peru, who presented themselves beautifully in each part of the event, belong to one group and are studying at the Academy together with their Polish friends.

AEHT logo, also at the sleeve of student's uniform.
AEHT logo, also at the sleeve of student's uniform.

The masterpiece of the best confectionery in Poznan, owned by Mr Wojciech Kandulski
The masterpiece of the best confectionery in
Poznan, owned by Mr Wojciech Kandulski.

Peruvian students celebrating Christmas
Peruvian students celebrating Christmas.
3rd to 5th December 2018 in Riga
3rd to 5th December 2017 in Fátima
5th to 7th December 2018 in San Benedetto
2nd to 5th December 2015 in Diekirch

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