32nd Annual Conference, Split-Croatia
November 11-16 2019
32nd Annual Conference, Split-Croatia
November 11-16 2019
Newsletter of January 2019
Bulletin de janvier 2019

Using the words of Martin Luther King during the Gala Dinner, Ms Christiane Keller said that she had a dream, too. A dream concerning those European Christmas annual meetings. She is hoping that they will grew stronger and more significant. Below she is explaining how.

" Those European Christmas meetings are very important for the students as they give them a chance to meet and share their experiences and emotions. But that's not all, there is something more to it if we see the real meaning of Christmas and European Union, we should aim at perfection.

This way each delegation which wants to participate in the event should create its own genuine project and should focus on making its stand look unique and different from the rest. The biggest thread for the European Christmas Meetings would be generalisation and unification, while the event was created to underline the specific character of each of the regions or countries.

I would like to add that for the hosts it is quite important that the participants follow the set pattern, to avoid the disappointments of the people visiting the exhibition.

Finally, looking at the problem as a whole, since the time of the first European Christmas meeting in Kaysersberg one of its main goals has been to meet, gather and share. Yet I had an impression that there were almost no contacts among the adults, as if they were afraid of the others. Probably, there were some linguistic barriers, but they should not be a major obstacle. The students were much more open, and the best proof of it was their initiative of rearranging the tables during the first evening meal."

Such is the dream of Ms Christiane Keller. Nothing special, just to keep the initiative on the right track and avoid drifting away from the once outlined goals, not just meet for fun but to meet for a reason.

Christiane Keller addresses the people gathered at the Gala Dinner.
Christiane Keller addresses the people
gathered at the Gala Dinner.
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