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Making impressions

The Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry (WSHiG) is situated on the outskirts of a big city of Poznan, it is a well-established educational institution in Poland, even though it was only opened in 1993. The facade might look a bit harsh at first glance, yet on entering the building everyone immediately gets the feeling that the place has nothing to do with the school in its conventional meaning. The Academy is a private institution. The obligatory name tags, student uniforms and quiet atmosphere, together with the maturity of the students and pristine kitchen make the school a unique place. We cannot forget about the school restaurant Beverly Hills, which is an unusual film museum, where Schwarzenegger accompanies Marylin Monroe and the Indian Totems and famous film posters hang next to each other reminding us of the most glamorous Hollywood achievements.

The head of this enterprise, which premises are not accessible just to anybody, since the annual tuition according to the school brochure stays at $6000, is one man, namely Mr. Roman Dawid Tauber. It's quiet a coincidence, as Mr Tauber is first of all a great chef and a doctor of pedagogy, who has been a passionate globe trotter before he settled down and became a professor . It was him who established that unique school in Poland, where despite a really friendly atmosphere, strict discipline is an absolute priority.

The President Mr Roman Dawid Tauber undoubtedly runs the school using his own method, which makes a significant impact on that institution. He is present everywhere and he can both easily encourage people or stamp out any sings of even the smallest revolt. Among his students he is very often called: "dad". In the corridors, there are hundreds of his photographs in various roles and situations.

Roman Tauber has not only invited 25 schools, for the 25th European Christmas but he has made the whole event an unforgettable show. He did not hesitate to mobilise a group of 30 men from the nearby Military Academy to make the whole celebration even more glamorous. It's anybody's guess how he managed to evoke the media interest and bring to school all those television, radio and press journalists. He has learnt his lessons well and knows how to pull the ropes.

The AEHT logo was to be seen everywhere. One could find it on the sleeves of students' blue uniforms, at the facade of the Academy, on the school minibuses and the school coach. It wasn't difficult to come across one in the schools brochure, on the schools standard or on the schools billboard at Poznan main railway station. It is only natural that the institution must be important for Mr Tauber and being asked for the reason he mentions his respect for such a large organisation.

The facade of the Academy
The facade of the Academy

Academy's kitchen
Academy's kitchen

Students at service
Students at service
3rd to 5th December 2018 in Riga
3rd to 5th December 2017 in Fátima
5th to 7th December 2018 in San Benedetto
2nd to 5th December 2015 in Diekirch

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