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Bulletin de Octobre 2019
33rd Annual Conference, Aveiro | Portugal
2 - 7 NOVEMBER 2020
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Pastry: This is from the guidelines of pastry competition which you published on the AEHT website:
"The final work must consist of three different items according to the chosen theme and each item has to done identically in 3 exemplars."
Our teachers would like to know clearly what "these 3 different items" must be composed of. If the theme is animals, must all the 3 items be the models of animals. For example: Does "a cat, a kitten and a basket" make 3 different items? Should all the 3 items be independent from each other? For example: a basket is a different item. When you place the kitten in the basket, is it counted as 2 or 3 items? etc. This is not understood clearly.

Your interpretation is correct. If the theme is animals, the candidate choses his 3 animals and make each of these in 3 copies. The aim of this is that the candidate can show that he can make more copies of one item looking more or less identical. As for doing a basket instead of an animal, I think this should fit the theme; In this case the candidate would have to do also 3 baskets to present later 3 identical compositions (Cat+ animal 2 in a basket).

Is it allowed to use silicon moulds for making flower petals?

I would say no, but I put Mr Ronald Thill, the head-judge in copy, so he can give you a more precise answer. And maybe also one more answer for the upper question.

Decathlon: Is there a criteria for completing the tasks? Can we get it? For example:  Tasks 1 and 2 are knife handling. For these 2 tasks, will the students A and B be doing the same or different things? Why does task 1 last 8 min., but task 2  10 min.?

The participants in a team choose 3 of 9 events each, from the mystery basket they choose vegetables and more, and we give them 8 and 10 minutes to create something in task 1 and 2, It's up to the team to decide what they will do in each event. The team will during the briefing create there 9 tasks and the showplate(nr 10) and the judges will judge from the teams menus and what they say they will create and do ! For example, if you say that you should do julienne with five vegetables And only make 4 you will lose points
We start at 100 points and the judges will take away 0.1- 0.3 point from the team when they make misstakes, the team with highest score wins, most points is on the showplate, we will inform all teams at the briefing so everyone has got the same information how we judge and the point system!

To make task 10(making a Show plate), will all the skills from 1 to 9 be used? or Will using some of them be enough?

I  transmit this questions to Mr Marcus Hallgren, Head-judge of the Decathlon.

I'm coming to compete on the cruise in November and just received the ingredients list and have a question about it. I'm taking part of pastry competition (marzipan modelling) and one of the ingredients is almond paste. In different countries almond paste and marzipan either are the same thing or not. So i would like to know if by almond paste you mean marzipan or not. I would appreciate any kind of information or maybe an email address where i could get it from.

You're right, marzipan and almond paste are the same thing. We will provide a marzipan for molding to the competitors.

The cabins are all linked to Credit cards of the respective schools, right?

All participants have to charge their COSTA-Card (=Cabin door card) with a certain amount of money, either by cash or by credit-card, using the automatic counters on the ship. The minimum amount for students is 50 €, for adults 100 €. All not included services (COSTA excursions, shopping, CASINO, etc will have to be paid with that card. Unused leftover is funded back!

Are the tips included in the tour price?

Yes,  everything is included in the quoted price, regardless of cabin class.

Are drinks included in the price or drinks packages must be purchased on the ship?

All inclusive, no alcohol under 18; This is checked at each order, even if there is nothing to pay.

Who are the HEAD-JUDGES/COORDINATORS of the different competitions 

DECATHLON - Marcus HALLGREN <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
CLASSIC COOKING - Alexandre Ferreira <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
RESTAURANT SERVICE - Paulo Baptista <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
PASTRY - Ronald THILL <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
WINE - Alexander MAIR <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
COCKTAILS - Thomas GASTEINER <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
BARISTA - Alfio RIVALTA <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
TOURISM - Asdis O. VATNSDAL <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> ; Romana BAUER <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
FRONT-OFFICE - Helena CVIKL <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
MANAGEMENT - Franz–Adolf STEINDL <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>; Theo VERKOYEN <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Who needs a compulsory medical certificate

All students, teachers and directors who need to enter a production area (Kitchen, Pastry, Bars and Back-office of Bars, etc) or manipulate food products;
No certificate is asked for Management, Tourism and Front-office competitions

Registration form 2013




Please check regularly this page for any news!

NEW: pdfTimetable

NEW:  pdfCompetition Equipment and Ingredients lists

New information on competitions details pdfENG | pdfFRA and rules pdfENG pdfFRA are now available!


This is important information for all the participants of this year's annual AEHT conference from November 10th to November 15th, 2013! You will receive information regularly now, so please check your mails.


The registration platform has been open for nine months now. We are very happy that 737 participants have registered for this year's annual conference. That's great! THANK YOU!

Check your personal details and make sure that you have the right documents and visa to pass all the national borders you cross (even transit borders to get to Savona!)
Like travelling by plane, you need valid identity documents and the right VISA and the data that you have entered into the registration system must be valid and correct. And only you are responsible for your personal details. So please check your data and identity documents!


When you travel by bus, car or train, you won't need any transfer! For drivers: there is a big car park near the harbour of Savona (€10,- per car/per day).
Arriving by plane (at NCE Nice/France, MXP Milan Malpensa/Italy, TRN Turin/Italy or GOA Genoa/Italy) involves a shuttle transfer that is included in the package. The shuttle transfer will be provided by COSTA.
There is a COSTA counter at all airports and you can't miss them. These COSTA counters are the meeting places and the staff will show you the way to the buses.
The latest buses from NCE Nice will leave at ca. 12h30, from MXP Milan Malpensa at ca. 12h, from TRN Turin at ca. 12h and from GOA Genoa at ca. 13h.
That means that you have to arrive at the airports some time before the latest bus departures. And you are fully responsible for your journey to these airports.

Some delegations have not entered the details of their journey into the registration system. We need to know if you arrive by bus/car/train or if you arrive by plane. If you take a plane, enter the correct times of your flights into the system (or send a mail to us). Only then can we organize the shuttle buses to your fullest satisfaction! PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED ABOUT YOUR TRAVELLING!

On Friday, November 15th, we will arrive at Savona at ca. 9h, so make sure there is some time between arriving at the harbour and taking off at the airports. The shuttle buses will be again provided by COSTA. That means: take care to book your flight back home at ca. 14h at the earliest (counting the time to leave the ship, board the buses, allow 2 1/2 hours for transfer to your airport and consider the check-in deadlines). And we need your take-off times to organize your shuttle transfer!


A cruise ship with 2700 people requires special regulations. We are allowed to organize our competitions on board. In order to get access to all these facilities all people involved must provide a valid medical certificate that you must bring along with requested documents. We advise all participants to go and see their doctor to have this medical certificate and the documents. People without medical certificate are not allowed to take part in the competitions or enter the competition rooms. As teachers often act as judges, watch their students or take pictures, we recommend all participants to bring along this certificate and documents. This would help to organize the competitions to the maximum. Be aware that the medical certificate is only valid if issued after the October 27th, 2013. THANK YOU!

We are very thankful that COSTA allows to run the competitions aboard. Nevertheless competitions will be different according to the facilities and time schedule offered. That means that competitions will be shorter and somewhat different from the last years. And we don't want anybody to miss one city because of the competitions.
Have a look at our website where you find the latest information about the competitions.
Again a reminder: everybody should provide the medical certificate!

We will stop at four different towns (Barcelona 14h - 18h30, Palma de Mallorca 8h - 16h30, Ajaccio 14h - 18h30 and Marseille 9h - 16h30). You can explore these towns on your own (we will prepare some information for you - with the help of our partner schools) but you can also book an excursion with COSTA.



pdfAnnual Meeting Calendar



pdfMedical Certificate


  • Don't forget to make sure you have got a valid passport in November and/or you have the necessary visa from your country.

See http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/borders-and-visas/
and http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/policies/borders/docs/c_2010_1620_en.pdf 

  • The Annual Conference and Competitions will be organized by AEHT Head Office.
  • It will be a thrilling event to commemorate 25 years of AEHT.
  • A cruise has special requirements and needs:
    • Fixed itinerary (No waiting for latecomers)
    • Early registration
  • Five cities in three countries in six days.
  • AEHT Partner schools will help with excursions as far as possible. But you can also book excursion with COSTA.
  • Pre-Registrations can be done until April, full registration must be completed by July.
  • Competitions will be shorter and adapted to the requirements and conditions of a cruise ship.

notice2Competition rules | pdfENG | pdfFRA

notice2 Details for all competitions | pdfENG | pdfFRA

This is the list of competitions that will be offered to students. AEHT will organize the competitions in a way (in the morning) so that everybody can enjoy the stays in the harbours and go sightseeing or shopping.

max 32 students
Hospitality Management
max 30 students
Classic Cooking Competition
max 54 students
max 36 students
max 48 students
Restaurant Service
max 48 students
Culinary Arts & Skills (Decathlon)*
max. 96 students
Tourist Destination
max 72 students
Front Office
max 64 students
Wine Tasting and Serving
max 48 students

*This decathlon is a new competition that is introduced by the Swedish school of Köping. It will be a team competition of three students each. It is a competition that consists of ten parts (hence the name decathlon). Each student in a team competes in three parts, one part must be done by the full team.

The parts are:

  1. knife handling 1
  2. knife handling 2
  3. emulsion sauce
  4. cutting vegetables in shape
  5. filleting fish
  6. marinating fish
  7. boiling vegetables
  8. producing a classical side dish
  9. garnishing from mystery basket
  10. creating one show plate (team event)


The following policies shall apply to any and all Costa Cruise cancellations. You must submit your cancellation in writing to us and we will then notify the cruise line. Depending upon when the cruise is cancelled, a cancellation charge may apply. We highly recommend Travel Insurance to protect yourself from penalties assessed for cancelling due to medical reasons for yourself or family members.

Days Prior to DepartureCancellation Charge Per Guest
Booking - 121 20 percent of package
120 – 91 25 percent of package
90 – 61 40 percent of package
60 – 41 50 percent of package
40 – 31 60 percent of package
30 – 21 75 percent of package
20 – 11 90 percent of package
10 – 0 No refund at all

If the cancellation is for only one bed in a cabin, the cancellation charge will be 100 percent.

Change of reservation is possible for 5% of all passengers until 50 days prior to departure free of charge. Later there will be a fee of € 25,- p.p. After printing the tickets there will be an additional fee of € 75,- p.p.

As we organize the annual conference 2013 on a cruise ship with COSTA, registration procedure will be different this time.

Those schools who register before 31st of January will enjoy an early bird discount of 40 € per person. The costs are all inclusive: accommodation in cabins as listed, full meals, all drinks (bear in mind that students under 18 years are not allowed to order alcoholic drinks), transfer to and from airports, obligatory tips on board.

As we are aboard a cruise ship and enter kitchens and restaurants for competitions, the participants are subject to certain restrictions and conditions. Therefore everybody should produce a medical certificate (a form paper will be sent to you in time).

Pre-Registration can be done until April 2013, full registration must be completed by July 2013.
Please take notice of the cancellation policy rules of COSTA.

REGISTRATION FEES incl. accommodation / meals / drinks / transfer / tips : before 31st January after 31st January
PAYMENT before 25th February after 25th February
four-bedded inside cabin (for students only) € 397 € 437
three-bedded inside cabin (for students only) € 427 € 467
twin-bedded inside cabin (for students only) € 477 € 517
twin-bedded outside cabin (for teachers,  headmasters,  jury) € 527 € 567
double outside cabin + balcony (for teachers, headmasters, jury) € 577 € 617
twin-bedded outside cabin for single use (for teachers,  headmasters,  jury) € 804 € 844
double outside cabin + balcony  for single use (for teachers,  headmasters,  jury) € 889 € 929

Cabins on cruise ships are generally double cabins. These cabins can be used for singles but are very expensive (surcharge for single occupancy of 70%).

Some headmasters have already indicated either to bring their wives or husbands or to choose teachers of the same gender to make accommodation in double cabins possible.

Sun, Nov 10th 2013 Savona (Italy) 16:00
Mon, Nov 11th 2013 Barcelona (Spain) 14:00 19:00
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 Palma de Mallorca (Spain – Balearic Isl.) 08:00 16:00
Wed, Nov 13th 2013 Ajaccio (France – Corsica) 14:00 19:30
Thu, Nov 14th 2013 Marseille (France) 13:00 19:00
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 Savona (Italy) 09:00

We are celebrating 25 years of AEHT and the annual conference 2013 will be a special one, a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea!

Next year’s conference will take place from November 10th to 15th, 2013 on board of a cruise ship, COSTA MEDITERRANEA, and it will take us to 5 places in three different countries!

Be aware of the fact that we will be travelling in three Schengen countries and you are responsible for your individual entry requirements (valid visa are needed for some countries!).

 Costa Luminosaa cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

Registration form



Bearing gifts of crockery and cutlery in their luggage, Louis Robert, director of the Diekirch Hotel School in Luxembourg and an AEHT Vice-President, together with Georges Schmitz, a representative of Villeroy & Boch and with Aldo Palaoro representing the Italian cutlery manufacturer Broggi – these three men made their way to L'Aquila – the town located in the Abruzzi Mountains where just over a year ago the IPPSAR IIS ‘LEONARDO DA VINCI’ vocational hotel school suffered considerable damage during an earthquake.

Invitation:  Bled G&T Cup 2009 EN

The International Festival of Gastronomy: SPORTS AND HEALTH will be held from 18th to 20th April, 2009 in Faro (P).

Please find enclosed:
  the programme 
  the registration form

For more information, please contact directly;
Mr Manuel Serra
Phone: 00351289810200
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy the festival.

The 5th Competition for Receptionists and the 3rd Competition on 'City
Tourism' scheduled from May 7th to 10th, 2009 in Giulianova (I) is postponed to a later date (to be confirmed) due to organisational problems resulting from the recent earthquake in the Abruzzo region.

We leave the documents on the website for a later edition:

the invitation
the programme
the regulations
the registration form

For further information, please contact:
Mrs Rosanna Di Berardino
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy the competitions.

The IV Competition “Città di San Benedetto del Tronto” will be held from
April 20th to April 22nd, 2009 in San Benedetto del Tronto (I).
Please find enclosed:

the programme and the regulation
the registration form
the basket and assessment grid for the kitchen competition
the basket for the cocktail competition
the assessmend grid for the Vinea Prize
the organoleptic assessment grid

The registration deadline is March 30th, 2009.

For further information, please contact:
Mrs Ferrarini
IPSSAR San Benedetto Tronto
Tel.: 0039 0735 587044
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy the competitions.

Download PDF:   Invitation

The "Hotel Academy of Presov" will organize the 16th edition of the Eurocup competition for junior bartenders from November 18th to November 20th, 2008 in Pesov, Slovakia.


Click here to download the programme, the regulations and the registration from of the EUROCUP 2008:

Please note that the d eadline for Application A is 17 th October 2008. Binding applications of 2-membered competing school teams consisting of Application B, applications for registration of recipes of competing drinks and personal questionnaires of competitors should be sent by mail, fax, or e-mail to the abovementioned address of the Hotel Academy Prešov, not later than 10 th November 2008.

The Croatian schools’ national gastronomy competition ‘GASTRO 2008’ took place on April 2nd-5th in Poreč, a city almost two thousand years old, located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula on the Adriatic sea.The event was orchestrated by the hotel and tourism school of Poreč, member of the AEHT since 2003 and currently represented at the AEHT Executive Board.

Some 200 students, teachers and directors of 47 Croatian schools and 2 foreign schools, including 1 AEHT member school, took part in the Gastro2008 contest. The organizers were pleased to welcome Ms Mette-Ida Gordon Padovan from Denmark with Croatian origins coming from the Hospitality College of Copenhagen (DK 04), accompanied by her professor, Mr. Christian Beck.

The contests were between school-based teams, and the students had to demonstrate their practical knowledge in 9 disciplines:
1. culinary arts (preparation of a menu),
2. service,
3. flambé work,
4. culinary arts (preparation of a cold dish),
5. pastry
6. bar,
7. front office,
8. tourism
9. promotion of a tourist destination.

For the first time these contests were organized according to the regulations modified in accordance with the AEHT guidelines for the organization of competitions. The event is subsidized by the Croatian government and has achieved increasing success over a period of more than ten years. Several years ago it was opened up to AEHT member schools from other countries. Roll up, roll up!

 04042008054 04042008055 04042008056 04042008058

4 th DONNA DINA MIGLIORI Competition for Hotel Reception Employees
2 nd LUCA GABRIELLI Tourism in the City Competition
Held on May 8 th to 11 th in Giulianova , province of Teramo,
in the ABRUZZE Region of Italy

The L.DI POPPA School in Giulianova has yet again covered itself in glory with its fourth version of its Receptionist competition and the second edition of its Tourism contest.

With more than thirty participating schools, and a third of them from abroad, this event is now well established as an almost permanent feature of the AEHT calendar.


Herewith the list of participating schools:

Representing Italy:

Arma di Taggia, Bardolino, Bari, Brescia , Castel san Pietro, Chatillon Aoste, Formia, Jesolo Lido, Melfi, Pachino Sardinia, Pinerolo, Pozzuoli, Riolo terme, Roma, San Pellegrino terme, Senigallia, Treviso, Tortoli, Modica

Representing Croatia:
Pula , Opatija and Porec

Representing Denmark:

Representing the Netherlands:

Representing Finland:

Representing Latvia:

Representing Spain:
Palma de Majorca

Representing Malta:
St Julian’s

Representing Poland:

Representing Russia:
Nizhny Novgorod
St Petersburg

giulianovastandstpetersbourg giulianovadansessardes_sicile

Once again the enthusiasm of the organisers brought together a large number of volunteers for the event, as well as a good number of institutional supporters and numerous faithful sponsors from private companies; they attracted the attention of professional and tourism bodies in the east of the country, thus giving the participants in event an impression of exceptional dynamism.


Numerous VIPs – including AEHT Vice-president Alfonso Benvenuto – graced the prize-giving evening with their presence and warmly thanked the Di Poppa School, particularly its Director Mrs Maria Rosa Fracassa as well as Mrs Di Febo, the organiser-in-chief of the event.

Competition Results

The winners of the Reception competition, consisting of a written test and a role-play, were:

1st Riva Gregorio (San Pelegrino Terme)
2nd Stepcic Nina (Pula)
3rd Kasatskaya Elena (St Petersburg)

The winner of the first prize was awarded a grant for a language course in a foreign country. The winners of the Tourism competition, consisting of a written assignment, setting up a stand on the Viale Orsini and an oral presentation, were:

1st Sigita Zvirbule (Riga)
2nd Ortensi Vanessa (Castel san Pietro)
3rd Komarova Anna (St Petersburg)
and Podetti Laura (Chatillon Aosta)


The first two winners of this contest were awarded a grant for a language course in a foreign country.

Two prizes and a cup were awarded to the schools which obtained the best average scores in both the Tourism and the Hotel Reception contests:

1st Jyväskylä ( Finland)
2nd Brescia ( Italy)
3rd Porec  (Croatia)


The cup presented to the Finish school will be competed for again next year and the two winning students (Tuunanen Elina and Leskinen Katri ) will be invited back for the 2009 event.

In addition, the many visitors were asked to vote for their favourite display stand, and this award was made to the schools from Pachino, Tortoli and Riolo Terme.


The creators of this event, which generates such conviviality and professionalism, have no intention of resting on their laurels, and are already thinking of the 2009 version; and students from AEHT schools have this splendid opportunity to get to know each other as they take part in the contests.

Chris Keller

Junior Bartenders Eurocup 2007

Prešov, Slovakia, 13th-15th November 2007

Article by John Rees Smith
French translation by Nadine Schintgen

I was privileged to attend this splendid event for the second time this autumn: the first time, in 2003, it was rather smaller and could take place in the municipal theatre in the town centre; now that its international fame has spread, it has had to move to larger premises – a vast sports complex on the outskirts of the town, providing a good space for the 42 competing schools, for the preparations and for the contest itself as well as for several hundred spectators.
The opening ceremony took place on the evening before the contest, at the ‘Cierny Okol’ (Black Eagle) cultural centre – recognisable by the small black metal-tubing statue of an eagle located on the pavement outside the venue. What a splendid event! VIPs were out in force, and a series of speeches began the event – including an eloquent welcome address delivered by our Polish Vice-President Bogusława Pienkowska.

 Joseph Senko, director of the Prešov Hotel Academy   Dancing performance
Joseph Senko, director of the Prešov Hotel Academy  Dancing performance

Then came a highly energetic cultural programme provided by gifted musicians and athletic dancers, with some highly professional performances; an amusing mishap befell a group of dancers, who crouched on stage, waiting for the music – which never came! They took it in good part, though and ran off the stage laughing at their misadventure, with the audience sharing the general amusement. This first evening closed with a splendid buffet served with an exquisite Tokay wine.

Preparations for the contest must have been going on for months – putting on a competition of this size and complexity is an enormous challenge. On the stage there were ten competition stations, each with its own judge. A commentator (a team of three is on hand, each doing a twenty-minute shift) talked the public through the contest and introduced the contestants; after each contest the drinks were numbered to ensure anonymity, then taken away to a tasting unit where expert tasters, isolated in their cubicles, allocated marks without knowing the name of the contestant and without having seen the production process. The results were computerised immediately, then the drinks were made available for testing by less discerning visitors – including those from the AEHT, who, after the first few glasses found themselves declaring that they were all outstandingly good!
On the stage: 10 competition stations   Backstage
On the stage: 10 competition stations

Behind the stage was the vast preparation area containing around 40 work stations: each team had a table in this area, a veritable hive of activity with contestants and teachers hard at work making the decorations and planning their victory; some ingredients had been lost on route, so contestants set off on forays among the tables to find a bunch of mint or a missing lime or guava. The story was that the entire collection of glasses belonging to a Swedish team had been smashed during the journey – but this seemed to have no effect on their performance!

But the real action was on the stage: the commentator made sure that everyone was ready, then counted down, three, two, one, then whatever the Slovak is for ‘off you go!’ With dramatic gestures the contestants held up the bottles to the audience, studiedly poured out the required quantities, then, as if miming, carried out the various operations: stirring, shaking, blending, adding the decoration (making sure it doesn’t sink into the drink – sorry Warsaw!). And all the time the commentator explained and presented, while the spectators – many of them local townspeople here for entertainment and the hope of a sip of the products – cheered on the contestants. The cheers of the spectators reached a crescendo during the Flair Style event (dominated by the Poles ) - marked by juggling with bottles and throwing ice into the audience! And the rhythm for the whole event was provided by a disk jockey located in front of the stage, his booming bass sometimes drowning out the commentator. Pure drama!

Meanwhile your reporter and the Polish vice-president addressed a meeting of Slovak Hotel School Directors, explaining to them the great benefits of AEHT membership, and in particular the advantages for teachers of participating in our ACCOR teacher placements.

Boguslawa Pienkowska and John Rees Smith
Boguslawa Pienkowska and John Rees Smith

The results of the competition were announced in the middle of the afternoon to thunderous applause (see attached table of winners), then contestants and teachers had time to relax before the reception held at the Prešov Hotel Academy in the evening; a splendid buffet and infinite quantities of drink awaited us (well, this was a bar-tender competition after all); and Director Jozef Senko, flushed with the success of the event, became quite emotional while thanking all those who had contributed.

The following day was devoted to excursions – first a visit to the Prešov Wine Museum followed by a wine tasting, and in the afternoon a sightseeing tour to the Spiš (Zipzer in the German of the original Saxon inhabitants) region, whose wonders include the ancient town of Levoča and the Spiš Castle. Dinner at the Fričovce manor house was followed by an evening’s bowling.

The organisation of the whole event ran like clockwork, with every little detail planned and perfectly executed. Congratulations to the Prešov Hotel Academy Team, and particularly to director Jozef Senko and his deputy director Marek Sotak.

Any errors or omissions in this report are to be explained by your reporter’s determination to ensure that he sampled a broad representative range of all the contestants’ products.

Winners of the R. Jelínek EUROCUP 2007 competition

- Short drink

  1. Terézia Mináriková (ZSŠ Tovarnícka, Topoľčany, Slovakia)
  2. Lukáš Siroka (HA Prešov  1st team, Slovakia )
  3. Oscar Martensson (Malmö, Sweden)
- Soft drink
  1. Maroš Petrikovič (HA Piešťany, Slovakia)
  2. Viačeslav Rosolovskij ( KTGG Kiev, Ukraine)
  3. Katarína Škvarková (ZSŠ služieb Zvolen, Slovakia)
- Absolute winners in the category of individuals
  1. Terézia Mináriková (ZSŠ Tovarnicka Topoľčany, Slovakia)
  2. Katarína Škvarková (ZSŠ služieb Zvolen, Slovakia)
  3. Lukáš Siroka (HA Prešov 1st team, Slovakia )  

- Absolute winners in the category of teams

  1. HA Prešov – 1st team, Slovakia
  2. ZSŠ Tovarnícka Topoľčany, Slovakia
  3. SOU SD Jednota Prešov, Slovakia

- Flair style

  1. Slawomír Wiater (ZSG Rzeszow, Poland)
  2. Maroš Petrikovič (HA Piešťany, Slovakia)
  3. Slawomír Szylar (ZSG Rzeszow, Poland)
- Miss Eurocup 2007:  Lenka Triznová (ZHaOŠ Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia)

- The most sympathetic competitor: A´se Dunbar (LTH Dierkich, Luxemburg)

- Nestlé prize for the best decoration: Andrea Ban (TUŠ Split, Croatia)

- Slovak bartenders’ association prize:   Mario Markovič (VCFCAT Bled, Slovenia)

- The Presov county chairman’s prize:  Miščík Ľubomír (SOU SD Jednota Prešov)
(the best individual from Presov county region, except for those already awarded) 

- The most successful individuals from abroad:

  1. Jakub Ucinski (ZSP Pionki, Poland)
  2. Oscar Martensson (Malmö, Sweden)
  3. Brigitta Bede (Kivi Budapest, Hungary)

List of 31 Slovak  participating schools, R. Jelínek EUROCUP 2007

Združená stredná škola Jána Andraščíka,  Bardejov
Združená stredná škola obchodu a služieb, Galanta
SOU spoločného stravovania, Horný Smokovec
Združená stredná škola hotelových služieb, Humenné
Hotelová akadémia Otta Brücknera,  Kežmarok
Hotelová akadémia,  Košice
Súkromné SOU, Košice
Združená stredná škola, Košice
Združená hotelová a obchodná škola, Liptovský Mikuláš
Združená stredná škola obchodu a služieb, Michalovce
Spojená škola, Námestovo
Súkromné stredné odborné učilište EDUCO, Námestovo
Združená stredná škola dopravy a služieb, Nové Zámky
Hotelová akadémia Ľudovíta Wintera,  Pieštany
Hotelová akadémia, Prešov 1
Hotelová akadémia, Prešov 2
Stredné odborné učilište obchodné, Prešov
Stredné odborné učilište spotrebných družstiev Jednota, Prešov
Súkromná hotelová akadémia, Prešov
Súkromná hotelová akadémia ESO Euroškola,  Prešov
Združená stredná škola hotelových služieb a obchodu,  Prievidza
Združená stredná škola služieb, Rožňava
Združená stredná škola hotelových služieb a obchodu,  Spišská Nová Ves
Stredné odborné učilište poľnohospodárske,  Stropkov
Spojená škola, Svidník
Združená stredná škola, Ul. Tovarnícka, Topoľčany
Združená stredná škola, Ul. Vansovej, Topoľčany
Združená stredná škola hotelových služieb a obchodu,  Trenčín
Súkromné stredné odborné učilište Gos-Sk, Trnava
Združená stredná škola  A. Dubčeka, Vranov nad Topľou
Združená stredná škola, Zvolen

List of 13 participating schools from abroad, R. Jelínek EUROCUP 2007

Hotelová škola a Vyšší odborná škola, Opava
 Czech Republic  
 Hotelová škola, Poděbrady  Czech Republic AEHT
Turističko ugostiteljska škola, Split Croatia AEHT
Lycee Technique Hôtelier „Alexis Heck“, Diekirch Luxembourg AEHT
Giorgio Perlasca Secondary School for
Commerce and Catering, Budapest
KIVI  Foundation Secondary School for
Commerce and Catering, Budapest
Hungary AEHT
Zespol Szkol Ponadgymnazjalnych nr. 1, Pionki Poland AEHT
Zespol Szkol Gospodarczych, Rzeszow Poland
Zespol Szkol Hotelarsko-Gastronomicznych,
Poland AEHT
Frans Suell och Jörgen Kocks Gymnasium, Malmö Sweden AEHT
Vocational College for Tourism and Catering, Bled Slovenia AEHT
Kievskij technikum goteľnovo gospodarstva, Kiev Ukraine
Vocational School of the Maritime Tourism Service,

The lastest edition of the "Festival (competition) Sport and Health 2007 (topic: Tennis)" took place from April 18th to April 21th in Faro, Portugal.

Enclosed you will find some pictures of the event:

   Faro 2007 pictures 1.03 Mb

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