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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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There is no doubt that the main goal of the AEHT is to organise competitions intended to ensure collaboration between students from all backgrounds and countries. Each year these competitions bring together competitors who are to measure up to others in their specialist area, according to guidelines which have been refined over the years. In each subject area they judged by teachers who are themselves supervised by a head judge.
Here are the specialist areas of the competitions:

Front officeFront office BarristaBarrista

 DecathlonDecathlon Culinary artsCulinary arts

 Restaurant serviceRestaurant service Wine serviceWine service

 Cocktail BarCocktail Bar Tourist destinationTourist destination

 PastryPastry Hospitality management Hospitality management  

a very small sample of work going on in the kitchen, scrutinised by the members of the judging panel.a very small sample of work going on in the kitchen, scrutinised by the members of the judging panel.


Front office

Gold -Team 7 Sanne ten Have NL09- Carlos Barbosa P05
Silver – Team 12 Filomena Raposo P09 – Marijana Zanetic CR04
Bronze – Team 10 – Hana Stevic SL001 – Juliette Rodrigues F03

The winners: Front officeThe winners: Front office


Gold- Team 9 – Tjasa Rogelj SL009 – Joyce Van Vlerken NL21
Silver – Team 10 – Yalkin Ozbahadir TR 46 – Ana Katharina Leeb A10
Bronze – Team 3 – Sarah Lee Shuster A16 – Roy van den Bos NL05

The winners: BarristaThe winners: Barrista


Gold – Team 3- Roman Kramreither A11- Aranchai Somnami B16 – Jure Dretnik SL002
Silver – Team 5 – Daniela Eicher A02 – Andreas Petersson S33 – Sander Verberne NL21
Bronze – Team 10 – Luke Mac Leod IRL01- Margaux Vancouter F02-Armanda LagefjallS04

The winners: DecathlonThe winners: Decathlon

Culinary Arts

Gold- Team 12 – Matis Sustar SL001- Norberto Vaqueiro F03 – Emma Martinsson S04
Silver – Team 9 – Domenico Morone I20- Job Herlaar NL09 – Eduard Markosyan B02
Bronze – Team 8 – Bogdan Drekalovic SRB02- Roel Janssen NL01 – Lisa Kain A01

The winners: Culinary ArtsThe winners: Culinary Arts

Restaurant service

Gold - Team 5 – Nicola Brenner A04 – Joseph Nachmithe F104
Silver – Team 9 – Stefanie Wallner A11 – Femke Marije Dijkstra NL16
Team 3 – Sebastian Czipin A07 – Anna Dvorsak SL001
Bronze – Team 13 – Lisa Stoffler A16 – Thomas Lefeivre F03

The winners: Restaurant serviceThe winners: Restaurant service

Wine service

Gold – Team 1 – Jordi de Gaauw NL01 – Katharina Mair A04
Silver – Team 9 – Berit Neumayr A02 – Maxim Kemme NL05
Bronze – Team 3 – Nils Snitselaar NL02 – Sophie Steinwendtner A10
Team 10 – Anika Manojlovic SRB02 – Claudia Bosta P09

The winners: Wine serviceThe winners: Wine service

Cocktail Bar

Gold – Team 4 – Guylian Wuyts B21 – Blaz Skrablin SLO02
Silver – Team 6 – Sergio Reis P05 – Jonas Back A04
Team 9 – Claudio Mota Melo – P12 – Luka Strajn SLO09
Bronze - Team 5 -Simone Bocchino I06 – Natalie Fehringer A10

The winners: Cocktail BarThe winners: Cocktail Bar

Tourist destination

Gold – Team 3-Carmen van der ZwanNL05-Devin JurajCR10-Michaela EkwallS16
Silver- Team 1 – Lisa Pruim NL07- Marita Bobelj CR01 – Nina Baldinger A01
Bronze – Team 2 - Janica BalantiI48- Mateo Ljubisic CR12- Sharona Westenberg NL32-Zsofia Csonka H07

The winners: Tourist destinationThe winners: Tourist destination


Gold- Team 9 – Cees Lust NL09 – Irena Buncic CR23
Silver – Team 4 – Zoe Michaux B01- Claran Mac Gregor IRL09
Team 7 – Tomaz Hohkraut SLO02 – Manon van Beuningen NL02
Bronze – Team 13 – Francesca Fonsato I135- Kim Hultermans NL25

The winners: PastryThe winners: Pastry

Hospitality Management

Gold – Team 1 – Daniella van der Raaf NL05 – Nuno Teixeira P09
Silver – Team 2 – Alina Binstorfer A07 – Thijs Vizee NL02
Bronze – Team 4 – Jan Borosak CR11 – Femke van der Zouwen NL 01

The winners: Hospitality ManagementThe winners: Hospitality Management

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