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“Show me the concept”
International Competition
February 13 & 14, 2023
Invitez, The Hague Hospitality Experience Centre, The Netherlands
AC 2023
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Ever since its origins, the objective of the AEHT has been, and still is, to give the students the opportunity to participate in the competitions which take place each year. For the organisers this involves the considerable task of preparing the contests, under the supervision of the Head Judges. Each judge in his or her section supervises the content and the running of the contests. Sometimes the competitions are run in the host hotel school. This time all the contests were held in the premises of the Kursaal, resulting in specific constraints as regards the culinary arts contests, which were particularly difficult to run.

IMG 0751Aerial view of a section of the cubicles used for the culinary arts competitions  IMG 0621General briefing meeting, held in a good-natured atmosphere  IMG 0714Hospitality management IMG 0716Front office  IMG 0718Tourist destination  IMG 0720Wine service IMG 0725Barista IMG 0729Restaurant service IMG 0733Culinary arts  IMG 0737Pastry  IMG 0744Decathlon IMG 0760Some of the dishes after the judges finish their work

The Winners

Palm&Cornet Beer Challenge 2017

Gold - Jeroen Van Zand (B02)
Silver - Jacopo Zanetti (I135), Rik Ouwerkerk (B16)
Bronze - Laura Brence Urh (SLO01), Gina Rottiers (B02)

Front Office

Gold - Josanne Veenstra (NL16), Maruša Lampic (SLO01)
Silver - Team 7: Luuk van Zanten (NL05), Louis Ritter (F104) / Team 15: Luca Bovolenta (I38), Andre Sousa (P09)
Bronze - Team 3 Jade Jury (NL09), Kia Kosonen (FIN18)


Gold - Giada Biagioli (I04), Michaela Makesová (A10)
Silver - Team 3: Bas Thijsen (B22), David Matahelumual (NL05)
Bronze - Team 8: Nick Stainer (A02), Rens Raaijmakers (NL01)


Gold - Team 6: Erika Eding (EE01), Sofia Poli (I07), Rok Zurman (SLO01)
Silver - Team 3: Michael Brons (NL01), Michael Pregenzer (A03), Jonas Rudis (LT01)
Bronze - Team 4: Tjasa Horvat (SLO02), Mathjis Krol (NL35), Charlie Svanberg (S04)

Culinary Arts

Gold - Team 4: Josef Schöndorfer (A01), Fiona Voermans (B22), Naomi Keesen (NL25)
Silver - Team 8: Gregor Potocnik (SLO01), Luna Guzzon (I12), Jim Meyers (L01) / Team 7: Jannick de Grootte (B29), Markus Pärn (EE03), Terence van Lenten (NL20)
Bronze - Team 6: Liliana Fereira (P07), Riccardo Colla (I38), Daniel Guirola Paganini (A11)

Hospitality Management

Gold - Team 1: Mitchell Brands (NL01), Jerneja Pregl (SLO02)
Silver - Team 5: Merijn Schaap (NL25), Jos Withaar (NL16)
Bronze - Team 3: Luca D'Achille (NL22), Elisabeth Ebner (A07)

Restaurant Service

Gold - Team 14: Billy Noom (NL09), Tine Zbogar (SLO09)
Silver - Team 3: Matthijs Dijkers (NL03), Loïc Zirnheld (L01) / Team 7: Christiane Astner (A03), Andrea Rocco (I135)
Bronze - Team 10: Elena Oberhöller (A18), Camille Duboust (F03)

Wine Service

Gold - Team 4: Felix Standhartiger (A04), Lara Drevensek (SLO02)
Silver - Team 7: Jacopo Zanetti (I35), Ana Bedalov (CR01)
Bronze - Team 1: Jasmin Adriouich (A02), Xavier Prims (E04)

Cocktail Bar

Gold - Team 3: Vanessa Wilk (A04), Marissa van Thoor (NL01)
Silver - Team 7: Laura Brence Urh (SLO01), Rik Ouwerkerk (B16)
Bronze - Team 4: Alexander Pale (A03), Martynas Vilimas (LT05) /Team 13: Delclef Lina (B29), Sabrina Weiß (A02)

Tourist Destination

Gold - Team 5: João Cadete (P09), Cristina Chiriac (I07), Janice Kluivert (NL09)
Silver - Team 1: Nina Malej (SLO01), Talia Morgado (P12), Adam Ouadghiri (I51)
Bronze - Team 4: Johanna Zauner (A07), Jean-Claude Ries (L01), Vito Zakrajšek Čahuk (SLO02) / Team 8: Amandine Comes (F104), Andrea Ivancic (CR06), Sverre Wolters (NL16)


Gold - Team 11: Alice Kellog (F03), Bas van Tessel (NL09)
Silver - Team 6: Wouter Keustermans (B01), Gabrielle Passadore (I169) / Team 7: Frank Pronk (NL02), Evelina Radziute (LT01)
Bronze - Team 18: Sacha de Jong (NL16), Guzden Balli (TR46)


The Head Judges

In other words the supervisors who tirelessly help the judges in each specialism to apply the instructions issued at the briefing meetings and who sometimes intervene in case of arguments!

- Pastry: Ronny Thill
- Decathlon: Marcus Hallgren
- Restaurant Service: Guillaume Staquet
- Front Office: Helena Cvikl
- Barista: Alfio Rivalta
- Culinary arts: Alexandre Ferreira
- Wine Service: Theo Verhofstadt
- Cocktail: Thomas Gasteiner
- Hospitality Management: Theo Verkoyen

Pastry: Ronny ThillPastry: Ronny Thill  Decathlon: Marcus HallgrenDecathlon: Marcus Hallgren Restaurant Service: Guillaume StaquetRestaurant Service: Guillaume Staquet Front office: Helena CviklFront office: Helena Cvikl Barista: Alfio RivaltaBarista: Alfio Rivalta Culinary arts : Alexandre FerreiraCulinary arts : Alexandre Ferreira Nouvelle Cuisine: Alexandre Ferreira Nouvelle Cuisine: Alexandre Ferreira  Cocktail: Thomas GasteinerCocktail: Thomas Gasteiner Hospitality Management: Theo VerkoyenHospitality Management: Theo Verkoyen Tourist Destination:  Asdis VatnsdalTourist Destination: Asdis Vatnsdal


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