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There are three statutory meetings at the Annual Conference: the Presidium meeting attended only by the President Ana Paula Pais together with her Vice-Presidents Klaus Enengl, Bogusława Pienkowska, Herman Siebens, Neeme Rand, Remco Koerts, General Secretary Nadine Schintgen, Xavier Thien (Nadine Schintgen’s deputy) and interpreter Natalia Komanicka.

The second meeting is that of the Executive Board which brings together all the AEHT’s national representatives. This body agrees on proposals for decisions, and this year it seems that its meeting lasted a whole morning.

 The Executive Board before beginning a long working session.The Executive Board before beginning a long working session.

The third meeting is that of the General Assembly, attended by all the directors and heads of the schools present in Belgrade (see the minutes of the meeting).

The first seminar-lecture of the Foundation for Hospitality Training took place in Tuesday November 18th with the participation of Victor Emery, one of the Foundation’s administrators, followed by a workshop led by Peter Lamb on the theme ‘I have my qualification, I want to work, what do I do now?’ We should say at once that both inadequate signage and an obvious lack of interest very adversely affected the success of this lecture in the large hall which had been planned for it. The photo speaks for itself, and it’s a very great shame.

A lot of empty chairsA lot of empty chairs Victor EmeryPeter Lamb An unequivocal posterAn unequivocal poster A welcome stand … but one that was often deserted!A welcome stand … but one that was often deserted!

The lecture by Vice-President Herman Siebens on the subject of ‘burn-out versus commitment’ fortunately attracted a slightly larger audience on Wednesday November 19th. It is true that the subject matter, that of the notorious ‘burn-out’, really deserved a certain amount of attention. The contribution by Janez Damjan, director of the Bled school (Slovenia) was highly relevant to the subject of the lecture.

The subject of the lectureThe subject of the lecture - Herman Siebens Janez DamjanJanez Damjan

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