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November 12th – ‘formal’ dinner

While the Costa Mediterranea set sail again from Palma to Ajaccio, the captain’s evening, a so-called ‘formal’ evening, took place, as usual for the first service. Everyone was dressed up to the nines and the dining room was resplendent. There was a special menu, the service was always impeccable, and the atmosphere was most festive. The ship glides silently and does not roll or pitch. No one even notices that it has left the port of Palma. A real treat.

That evening the dinner guests were dressed ‘up to the nines’That evening the dinner guests were dressed ‘up to the nines’A table for a row of ship’s officersA table for a row of ship’s officers

November 13th – the evening of the 25th Anniversary

The evening celebrating the 25th Anniversary had as its theme the number 25 on the polo shirts sported by almost all the participants. At the entrance to the dining room the men were presented with a tie and the ladies with a silk square as a way of indelibly marking this Anniversary. And for good measure, the crew laid on an Italian evening, with bow-ties for the waiters, and since the ship was flying the Italian flag, there were photos with pizza. The atmosphere created by the singing of ‘Viva Italia’ and ‘Volare’ stirred the hearts of representatives from so many Italian schools, reflecting the commitment and dynamism of these same schools. Very soon the atmosphere became highly festive and when dessert came the music quickly encouraged the diners to dance an energetic conga between the tables. These were magic moments when the word 'conviviality' took on a new meaning. The great AEHT family was really celebrating these 25 years of its existence. Particularly the entire Italian delegation, led by Alfonso Benvenuto, a former President and now a member of the Council of Elders.

Tie and silk square given as a present for the AEHT’s 25th anniversaryTie and silk square given as a present for the AEHT’s 25th anniversaryPartial view of the dining roomPartial view of the dining room

An energetic congaAn energetic congaItalian eveningItalian evening


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