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A total of nine competitions took place over a period of two days in various premises of the vast ROC Mondriaan complex, and in the vast majority of cases there was a definite ‘sporting spirit.’ The students, a total of 294 from all over Europe – 134 schools – obviously all wanted to be on the winners’ platform which, however, has only three places. But over the years and under the guidance of Louis Robert, Vice-President responsible, with his team, for competitions, the evaluation criteria have been refined in order to enable the judges to award marks which are as accurate as possible. Of course, as every year, there were objections, particularly on the matter of the highly approximate use of language by some students, a matter which needed an official arbitration.
This year the results were displayed on a video during the prize-giving ceremony, which took place in three separate stages during the gala dinner. The audience appeared to like this new formula.

Here are several views of the various competitions, taken when the students are concentrating and are hard at work.


The winners

1 – Barista

1st Maas Termat (The Netherlands)
2nd Milica Pilcevic (Serbia)
3rd Natasa Prelog (Slovenia)



2 – Cocktail

1st Stefan Pertl (Austria) Hermano Cabral (Portugal)
2nd Anna Repele (Italy) Metod Gradisar (Slovenia)
3rd Paula Amizic (Croatia) Fornagiari Eduarode (Italy)


3 - Wine Service

1st Eva Papp (The Netherlands) Dimitrie van Leeuwen (Austria)
2nd Johannes Siter (Austria) Eduardo Ruela (Portugal)
3rd Bettina Stocker (Austria) Rani Walthery (Belgium)


4 - Pastry

1st Federico Bardasi (Italy) Thomas Vandenbroeck (Belgium)
2nd Megane Chaudouet (France) Eloise Landré (The Netherlands)
3rd Merit Heinmets (Estonia) Evgenia Korol (Ukraine)


5 – Culinary Arts

1st Lorenzo Colombo (Italy) Joeri Heggerick (Belgium) Tracy Bridget Nolan (Ireland)
2nd Eric Mantovani (Italy) Simon Groeneveld (The Netherlands) Hainari Jan (Finland)
3rd Alessia Neri (Italy) Dusan Todic (Serbia) Rob van Oorschot (The Netherlands)


6 – Restaurant service

1st Imara de Zwaan (The Netherlands) Maija Janti (Finland)
2nd Philipp Wruntschko (Austria) Lukas Jaktlund (Sweden)
3rd Barbara Janc (Slovenia) Joshua Aigner (Austria)


7 – Management

1st Bernadette Bergier (Austria) Simon Cerne (Slovenia) Alissa de Graaf (The Netherlands)
2nd Malin Jönsson (Sweden) Samira Kuthan (Switzerland) Erika Racz (Hungary)
3rd Miiki Niemi (Finland) Angela Verboort (The Netherlands) Catia Aguiar (Portugal)


8 – Reception

1st Julian Piskula (Austria) Nikesha Coombs (The Netherlands)
2nd Antoine Picaud (France) Katja Golubic (Slovenia)
3rd Carmen Sirel (Estonia) Jovana Ilic (Serbia)


9 – Tourism

1st Minttu Sistonen (Finland) Voislav Zdravikovik (Republic of Macedonia) Maron Dekker (The Netherlands)
2nd Catarina Pausic (Croatia) Daniel Nunez Vareta (Switzerland) Joana Raposo (Portugal)
3rd Marijan Crnjak (Croatia) Sanne Rinzema (The Netherland) Emilia Heikkinen (Finland)


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