Christmas in Europe - 5-10 december Algarve
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Red carpet

The red carpet was rolled out in front of the steps of the Tourism Palace throughout the Conference. Was this a way of showing everyone the way into the building, a way of making it feel like the Cannes film festival, or a way of emphasising that the participants were all VIPs?


The team responsible for greeting the participants had their work cut out to deal with the multitude of requests they received, and sometimes there was quite a throng in front of the reception desk.

In addition to the ‘Menu and Conviviality’ exhibition we could also visit, in the entrance hall just beside the reception desk, an exhibition of real works of art created by chefs and other specialists of the catering trades. And elsewhere in the entrance hall every sponsor had a space to show off his or her products in tasteful displays. And there was no shortage of space!

Lunch and dinner were provided by two buffets arranged side by side to allow as many people as possible to serve themselves at the same time without waiting too long. The system worked well as a whole, though the variety of dishes on offer could not really be called gastronomy.

The event’s sponsors were well treated by the organisers – the logos of the various sponsoring companies were visible everywhere: on the screens, on the programmes and on the advertising hoarding near to the Tourism Palace.

Carabinieri and firemen

As at all such events, security had to be guaranteed, hence the obligatory presence of the famous carabinieri as well as of the firemen, the vigili del fuoco. And of course being on duty does not exclude relaxation!

Apéritifs and coffee

A conference would not be complete without apéritifs and coffee; so two sponsors of the 20th Annual Conference had the excellent idea of offering the participants either an aperitif or a coffee – at almost any time of day. And to judge from the crowd around their stands, it was highly successful!

The famous Italian Prosecco sparkling wine, produced by the Champenois method, provided a much appreciated apéritif as delegates entered the CINI foundation dining hall – even if you sometimes had to fight your way to the wine waiters who had difficulty serving fast enough!

The organisers had not forgotten to offer their guests a small souvenir of their stay – a T-shirt bearing the emblems of the event, a glass medallion from Murano, or a ‘barquette’ offered only to student participants by Villeroy and Boch.

Marco Esposto, an AEHT partner as head of his Casa della Divisa company, had set up shop in the Cornaro Institute, right among the competitions; and as each year he presented his range of uniforms and kitchen implements. His way of promoting his wares is as pleasant as it is direct!

Sébastien Longhurst, a representative of the directorate for promotion and international relations of SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje - ) of Columbia, had travelled to Iesolo to find out about the AEHT; his journey had no doubt been worthwhile since he had been able to discover just how vibrant an organisation the AEHT is.

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