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Unlike in previous years two special festive evenings were organised during this 20th Annual Conference. One was on October 18th at the CINI Foundation on the Isola San Giorgio facing Saint Mark’s in Venice, and the other took place in the ‘Tourism Palace’ after the prize-giving ceremony on the day before departure.


On Thursday October 18th all the participants were on time for departure at 18.00. Most dressed in evening attire, the 600-odd participants in the Annual Conference came together after the bus transfer on the Punta Sabbioni pier for the crossing by boat headed for St Giorgio island, opposite St Mark’s square in Venice. There came a fairly pleasant wait of three-quarters of an hour until we went on board the San Andrea for the half-hour crossing, which was more or less windy according to where you sat or stood once on board. A group of three gondoliers serenaded the passengers and was heartily applauded by the audience for whom it was a warm-up for the rest of the evening’s programme.

Our arrival inside the CINI Foundation was another important moment because of the setting of this beautifully illuminated former monastery. As soon as we entered the beautiful imposing hall we were offered as apéritif a glass of ‘prosecco’, the Italian champagne. During the evening, as a menu of sea food was served, a string quartet in period costume strove to make itself heard above the general hubbub with a programme of classical pieces, while wine waiters in full uniform patrolled among the tables with bottles in their hands. No speeches that evening, and at the appointed hour we went back on board for a trouble-free return journey to Jesolo.

Waiting on the pier

Serenaded by gondoliers

The table of a party of guests of honour

a (very partial) view of the dining hall

The string orchestra in period costume

The closing evening of the 20th Annual Conference was divided into two parts, both of which took place in the Jesolo ‘Tourism Palace’. First came the official prize-giving to the competition winners, then a gala dinner served at the tables, making a change from the usual buffets.

On this Saturday evening of October 20th the prize-giving ceremony was preceded by a cultural presentation introduced by Daniela Ribon in the presence of a large group of guests of honour, including Mrs Helena Donazzan, the regional education minister. The show was a highly energetic and rhythmic performance, with contributions from Shari Devi in an Indian dance routine, Alessandro a former Cornaro Institute student and occasional singer, followed by Tamara, a singer, as well as a highly physical display from students of the same institute in a fairly osé hip hop show.
In her short speech Mrs Helena Donazzan welcomed everybody and said how delighted she was that the organisers had chosen Venetia as their venue. ‘It is a fine way to tell the story of Europe; I give you my good wishes for the future’.

Alessandro and Tamara

Ilario Ierace, director of the Cornaro Institute, did not hide his satisfaction and his pleasure at having organised this Conference. ‘It is up to you to decide whether we have won or lost the challenge; it was an enormous task, the event was not easy to organise, with its small and large difficulties, but we have managed it. Thanks to my collaborators, teachers, administrative staff and students.’ He then mentioned the name of Simone Bonato as a representative of all the organisers. He also thanked the judges and the competition organisers, the provincial, regional and urban authorities, the sponsors and supporters, various Institutes and those who dealt with the logistics. With a fond farewell he concluded with the words, ‘The students who came to Jesolo were already the winners’.
Cavaliere Santorello, representing the world of commerce, then made a speech in which he congratulated the young competition participants, before proceeding to handing out the prizes, aided by all the VIPs present on stage (see list of prize winners).

Following this prize-giving ceremony, which is always eagerly awaited and highly animated, Louis Robert, AEHT president, took his turn to speak. He thanked Ilario Ierace and his teams for having successfully taken up the challenge. He also underlined that ‘all the students’ are at the centre of the AEHT’s thoughts and that they are all winners simply by coming to this Conference. He appealed to directors and teachers to be careful to select those students who are able to communicate. He also emphasised that ‘our expectations have been fulfilled in the majority of cases’, then insisted, aiming his words at the next organisers, on the importance of gastronomy at the Annual Conference. And to thank the Jesolo team, the AEHT presented a gift to Ilario Ierace and to the lynch-pins of the organisation, Simone Bonato, Deborah........, Daniele Baroni, Paolo Zia, Oscar Galezzi, Chiara Moretto, Giuseppe Giordano, Sarah Montagné, Paola Marini, Vania Lucetta, Anna Guita, Frederica Stopani, Luisa Sardi, Grazzia Menigazzo, Laura Truero and Adriana Berni.

Presents from the AEHT for Ilario Ierace’s team

The official ceremony ended with the handing over of the AEHT flag from the Jesolo team to the Kuressaare team, to the strains of the European anthem. See you in Estonia in 2008!

The AEHT flag passes from Jesolo on the left to Kuressaaare on the right!

Following the ceremony the audience moved to the restaurant area where the tables had been beautifully laid for the final dinner, this time served at the tables by the brigade from the Cornaro Institute, who were loudly applauded before the departure of the participants. Many of them will meet again soon, having already arranged to see each other in Kuressaare in 2008.


On Friday October 19th there was a concert of classical music given by the Ottetto di Fiati dell'Orchestra da Camera di Padova. It was a beautiful evening of high quality music, with a programme of works by Rossini and Mozart. Unfortunately the audience was rather small at this musical event. And following the closing ceremony a trip to the K-Beach discotheque was still on the programme…

The Octet of the Padua Chamber Orchestra playing at the Friday concert.

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