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The 18th Annual Conference in the Land of Kemal Atatürk
Another superb Turkish event …

There were very few people participating in this 18th Annual Conference who had also taken part in the 1992 Antalya Annual Conference. The 2005 version, although it kept the name of Antalya, actually took place in Kemer, around 40 kilometres to the west of the regional capital.

This 18th Annual Conference was organised by Antalya Koleji, a private school belonging to the ATAK Group; the ‘base camp’ for the event was the Kemer Resort Hotel which belongs to the same Group – a fact which no doubt simplified the organising teams’ jobs as far as administration and accommodation were concerned.

the magnificent Kemer Resort Hotel, the Conference ‘base camp’
the magnificent Kemer Resort Hotel, the Conference ‘base camp’

These organising teams showed a formidable efficiency! Four teachers (the Red Ties) were each in charge of around 15 students for reception, transfers, services and the ‘unexpected’. The participants all agreed that they carried out their tasks to perfection. And for these young students it was real on-the-job experience. Well done!

This 18th Annual Conference was also in a way a turning point in the AEHT’s already rich history: with the departure of Hans Russegger as treasurer and his replacement by Klaus Enengl, the departure of Gilles Honegger replaced by Frédérique Poggi for the ACCOR placements, Adolf Steindl’s departure planned for next year, there are changes in the AEHT’s structure.

But with the arrival of around 40 new member schools the AEHT is now moving towards a membership of 400 schools: extrapolating a little, this means 400,000 directors, teachers and students. This represents a real Europe-wide ‘strike force’, and Europe’s leaders should see the advantage of giving it even more muscle.

Because, as was stated during the conference, tourism is a factor for peace, as it enables a large number of people to travel, to broaden their horizons, to cultivate themselves, to learn about other people, the people they do not know. And to achieve this, tourism needs professionals at every level, who know what it means to welcome people and kindle their interest.

Over these few days there were many in the AEHT who had the opportunity to realise that Turkey, at least on its Mediterranean coast, is a modern, vibrant and welcoming country with unbeatable tourist attractions. Turkey is now a candidate to join the European Union one day, a European Union that was built with the intention of avoiding conflicts for ever. Let us help Turkey in her application.

This 18th Annual Conference has also enabled a great number of participants, at least those who made the effort, to discover other cultures. This is another way of enriching our lives for which we have to thank the AEHT. But how do we persuade those who remain resolutely in their own groups, even though they see each other every day at school? What a shame – for them…

After Antalya 1992, there has now been Antalya/Kemer 2005. I’m sure that we all hope that one day there will be a third Antalya – don’t we?

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